Has anyone had any experience with the Urilia text?

I’ve come across this and read a bit.
I see it a bit foul, but maybe someone here can give me some insight on this.

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For anyone who doesn’t know it’s found in the Simon Necronomicon.

What are you trying to accomplish with it? I think the spirits within that text are better suited for baneful magick.

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Well I actually was just writing that on PM on here… To someone…
I believe I might have to learn this.
Because I just made an attack on a group :flushed:

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That’s always fun. Why did you do it?

Don’t know really…
Well partially I do. But it’s difficult… I kind of started it but I didn’t end it.
I just know some really nasty things were said and hopefully they will just ignore it…

That’s the good part, at least it was just a flight of words… Even though I have a feeling it will be probably a bit more then that.
I think they pissed of someone which I have a lot of essence from, thus… I started it but I think, she finished it. Maybe they are lucky and nothing too much will happen. It’s only defamation so they might not be too badly hurt…

Have you chosen a specific spirit to work with on this matter?

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Not really, that’s why I came on here asking if anyone has had any experience with this text.