Has anyone ever worked with ZULUMMAR?

This is the description for this spirit in the necronomicon" It gives tremendous strength, as of ten men, to one man. He left part of TIAMAT that was to become the Sky from the part that was to become the Earth. His Word is ANNDARABAAL."

"Continued evocation of this Spirit over a period of several weeks will increase vitality and vigor in the weak and sickly. It will add luster to the health and strength of the strong. "

I cannot find anything informative about this specific spirit online so any personal experiences would be very interesting to read.

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Haven’t, will be tho, put keep in mind the 50 Names of Marduk are kinda different than the Goetics in one sense: The very book states that there is a covenant between humanity and the gods, born out of a need for security, that humanity acts as a watch tower that will warn them if the Old Ones ruin up the day.

Cool, sounds great and all, doesn’t matter it’s just a paradigm shift. What’s important, and without wishing to be disrespectful to these entitites, is that they’re ready and waiting for you to use. Their purpose is to be given purpose by the magician, so you don’t have to worry about offerings, full blown evocation, etc… Throw them a party or do something nice for them like recomend them to friends, a little homage, whatever! Just keep in mind they’re on your hotkeys.

In case you don’t have it, citing from the edited e-version of the book:

Step One

Once you have found the spell you wish to use from the following seals
and descriptions, make a copy of the seal on fresh, clean paper with
black ink. You make the seal as large or small as you wish. Keep it in
a safe place until you are ready to use it, and never, under any
circumstances, let another person look at it, before or after you use
it. It is for your eyes only.

Step Two

Choose a quiet evening and a place where you will not be disturbed for
your ritual. The best time is about three in the morning, when
distractions (both natural and psychic) are at their lowest intensity.
Have your seal ready in front of you. Light two white candles and place
them at either side of the seal on a table or desk. If you care to,
light a stick of incense. Pine or sandalwood is best, or cedar. The
Moon should be waxing, but in cases of emergency this is not necessary.
Any time will do. When this has all been arranged, sit quietly for a
few minutes and think about the goal you want to achieve.

Step Three

While looking intently at the seal you have made, so that it is the
only thing you can see, take three deep breaths, slowly, one at a time.
Concentrate on the goal at the same time, seeing it as a picture if
possible. A picture of yourself sitting in a pile of cash, or with your
arms around a loved one, or withing a protective circle. Then, slowly
raise your eyes, without lifting your head, to the heavens and say,
slowly and clearly:

ZI KIA KANPA (Zee-Kee-Ya-Kan-Pa)

ZI ANNA KANPA (Zee-An-Na-Kan-Pa)

ZI DINGIR KIA KANPA (Zee-Deen-Geer-Kee-Ya-Kan-Pa)

ZI DINGIR ANNA KANPA (Zee-Deen-Geer-An-Na-Kan-Pa)

Hear me, O Thou_________________ (here insert the Name of the Spirit
you are invoking)

Come to Me by the Powers of the Word_________________ (here insert the
word of the Spirit you are invoking)

And answer my urgent prayer!



Step Four

Then slowly lower your eyes back to the seal in front of you and stare
intently at the drawing, at the same time forming a clear mental image
of the end you are trying to achieve. Do not pay any attention to any
strange or eerie feelings you may experience at this point. They are
common with this type of ritual and are no cause for alarm. It is
important that you do not break concentration for any purpose
whatsoever, so ignore the odd sounds and sensations that might
accompany the performance of any of these rituals. They are simply the
weak attempts of enevolved psychic entities trying to disrupt your
ritual. They are not worthy of your attention.
Step Five

When you have passed a few moments this way, and you feel your
concentration beginning to wane, then close the ritual with the
following prayer:

ZI DINGIR KIA KANPA (Zee-Deen-Geer-Kee-Ya-Kan-Pa)

ZI DINGIR ANNA KANPA (Zee-Deen-Geer-An-Na-Kan-Pa)

Spirit of the Earth, Remember!

Spirit of the Sky, Remember!

Take three more deep breaths, then stand up (if you have been sitting),
and walk a few steps around the room looking at all the objects that
might be there: furniture, pictures, etc. and touch a few of these
objects. This serves two purposes, one: it helps to solidify your
astral body if the preceding ritual has caused it to become overly
sensitive to passing vibrations, making it weak and vulnerable, and
two: it distracts the conscious mind from the basically unconscious
process that the ritual has just begun. Now, return to the table on
which your seal has been placed.

Step Six

Take the seal you have just made and cover it, or turn it over, or put
it away somewhere where no one will see it. The seal has been charged,
in a subtle way, and now can no longer be used for any other purpose
except what it was consecrated to do in your ritual. You must not use
the same seal twice for different goals, although you may use it twice
for the same goal, in case you wish to repeat your ritual the following
night. It is best not to repeat it for more than three consecutive
nights for reasons it would be too complicated to explain here.
Extinguish the candles and place them where you will find them easily
for your next ritual. They can be used again for any ritual, but must
never be used for simply lighting the room. Once used in a ritual from
the NECRONOMICON, they can be used for no other purpose save a similar
ritual from the NECRONOMICON. Do not use these candles for other
rituals (that is, from other spellbooks) or for any mundane purpose.
You must take these rituals quite seriously, and treat the tools you
use in a ritual with the same respect a carpenter has for his saw and
hammer, or a plumber for his wrench or a priest for his Bible. In a
way, by using these rituals, you have become a kind of priest or
priestess yourself for you have joined a select order of initiates that
has been practicing these and similar mystical rituals since the
beginning of recorded history.

Step Seven (optional)

Most of our readers and students have found it enormously valuable to
keep a written record of all rituals they perform, so that they can
easily assess what their results are by using any particular ritual or
spell. They can gauge how long it will take for a certain spell to
work, and also they can refresh their memory in the future with
accounts of all the successes they have enjoyed through using the
NECRONOMICON. The first time a spell works, you may want to believe
itÕs only a coincidence. But later, as time goes by and more and more
of your spells are working, with phenomenal results, it’s good to go
back and look through your magickal diary to see just how wrong you
were about coincidence and to prove to yourself once and for all that,
yes, magick does work!

BEFORE YOU go straight to the Names, a few words of information.
According to Sumerian mythology, Marduk was the God who defeated the
Ancient Ones long before the creation of matter as we know it. Against
him in battle were the fierce TIAMAT, KINGU, and AZAG-THOTH. Once he
had destroyed these demons, he created the universe from the flesh of
TIAMAT, and humanity from the blood of KINGU mixed with his own breath.
You will come across these names in the description of the Fifty Names,
which were titles given to Marduk by the Elder Gods after he had helped
them to defeat the Ancient Ones. This is nothing less than the Biblical
story of the war in heaven and the fall of Lucifer; and, in fact, it
was recorded by the Sumerians even before there was a Jewish religion,
as the Sumerians were the first civilization in the Middle East and
their holy books and legends became the basis for much that we read in
the Old Testament. The Tower of Babel, for instance, is very probably
the Ziggurat (or temple) of Babylon. which was originally a Sumerian
city before it was captured by the Assyrian hordes.
Several of the Names do not have Words. In that case, using the Fifty
Names are given in the section entitled ‘A Guide to the Spells’.
The special Seal for each Name is given on the chart.
The Seals are to be found in the Simon’s Necronomicon “Book of Fifty

ALL OF THAT is found in a book, besides the usual Simon Necronomicon, that I guess was edited and uploaded with only the 50 Names of Marduk section available, with added comentaries by the author. I usually find it by the name " Necronomicon-BookofSp0ells.pdf", the title being "The Necronomicon Spellbook edited by “Simon” ".

It isn’t the same as the similarly known Simon Necronomicon, this version has more than just that 50 Names section.

Hope it helps!