Has anyone ever done any "negative energy" reversal spells?

What I mean is, has anyone ever done a spell where they cast a reflective barrier around them that bounces negative energy back to the sender? For example, if people are mean to you or talk badly behind your back, this barrier is able to reflect the negative energy back to the mean person in the form of bad luck or physical sickness.The following link is an example of a mirror spell that does this… : Reversing Curses with the Magic Mirror Spell – House of Intuition

Just wondering, has anyone done this type of spell before? If so, how was your experience with it?


Yes I did on many occasions. Humanity is so damn toxic that I had no choice. For me it was more than important, I’m empath. I had to use my vocals cords and say out loud ‘‘I am vanquishing you all’’ DO not return or I will recycle your spirit’’ _ I also said that using visualization. I also used crystals to help me, such has Tiger eye or Black obsidian. Some spells were used also. I now forcing to withdraw!’’ spoken out loud using my white light energy. When we speak, it’s power. I use it a whole lot and it forces my subconscious to listen.


Use a black mirror incantation to empower it

I like the fact that you used obsidian. Thanks for the idea! Also you’re right, the world can be a toxic place, which is why the left hand path is good method of defense.

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That’s a good idea. Thank you


Yes because what most people do is to ‘‘turn the other cheek’’ and it leads to abuse very fast. I also use Tiger eye for protection and health. Our health is affected daily, tiger eye helps to recuperate and with any luck, feeling like a tiger. :slight_smile:


Lol and you want to know the continuation of that passage? “And if anyone wants to sue you and take your shirt, hand over your coat as well”… leading to more abuse as well.