Has Anyone Ever Destroyed with Vepar as Described in the Goetia?

Hello Everyone,

I am interested in calling Vepar to destroy someone.

I like what I have read in the Goetia about how he causes destruction and want exactly this.

Has anyone ever used this mighty Duke to destroy as described in the Goetia?



I’ll let you know when it works !

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Vepar can Insert chronic illneses in the target. probably the 3 days are like figurative like 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 years or 3 decades? It is awesome to work with in bane workings


P.S. yours is post #3 on this thread :grinning:

Also what does it mean when I have a lucid dream where I’m Evoking Duke Vepar and Earl Raum but I stop midway and tell them I’ll contact them later because I’m at home with family.

At the time of the dream I did NOT know what their offices were. I had to make an effort to remember their names in my sleep and looked them up once I woke up.

P.S. their astrological sign is Taurus and I’m Taurus as well. Don’t know if that has any connection.

I had been dealing with someone harassing me at that time and I really wanted to hurt them (never did though).


Yes I have asked him to kill someone who is tormenting me and my family and I’m still waiting for results. I will let you know when it works

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Please write out a ritual I need to put my male enemy in the morgue by this weekend. There an internet troll not in Britain were I live unless they got deported two years ago. Suffering severe coma, paralysis and blindness