Has anyone else experienced this?

Ever since I was young, I’ve been experiencing this… I’m not even sure what to call it.

It happens when I’m either falling asleep or intensely focusing on a task. I’ll begin to feel a sort of tension in my mind, building slowly. While this is happening, I’ll get a visual in my mind of a heavy object slowly moving over the edge of a surface, getting ready to drop. Then, when the object falls and hits the ground, it coincides with a loud sound happening in the physical world.

Usually it’s one of my cats knocking down something in another room, my dog barking, a door slamming- you get the idea.

I’ve experienced this maybe once a month for close to 10 years now, with the earliest occurrence happening when I was 13 (or at least the earliest I remember).

Is there a term for this, or has anyone else had similar experiences?

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Funnily enough, this happened again just now while I was doing class work, with the end noise being the front door slamming. Usually there’s minutes of buildup, so it’s not like I subconsciously anticipated the loud sound moments before.