Has anyone dealt with or worked with agrat bat mahlat?

Has anyone dealt with or worked with agrat bat mahlat?

This is a question I have been asking myself for a long time, because I work with her, but I notice that there is almost no one who does the same. Her existence alone is not even known by many. What makes me a bit sad, just because she is very reliable and great as a mentor.

So my question, do you know her, and if so, have you worked with her and what experiences came out of it?

Thank you!


She has approached me before and spoken with me. Lilith and Inanna-Ishtar had me work with her some also.


She’s been in my life more directly for half a year or so. I’ve been working more with Lilith recently on specific things but I generally do work with Agrat at least a couple times a week, sometimes more. As for my experience, I love her energy. It’s very hot but calming at the same time, best way I can describe it is it feels like being a foot away from a large fire. She’s very good at healing and energy work and initiations as well as enhancement of psychic senses. To me she’s more playful than Lilith, for me Lilith has always been a more motherly figure. Agrat has a motherly side as well but at least for me tends to be more playful but also extremely protective. She’s one of my favorites to interact with overall, very supportive but fierce at the same time. She really deserves more attention than she gets.


Probably lots of people aren’t on her vibration for obvious reasons but hey some go with Naamah, others with Lilith some with Eisheth Zenunim and then there is the rest who vibe with Mahalat.


What do you mean with “Obvious reasons”?
I mean yeah, by everyone is it a another. But Yeah

I listen to her chant on YouTube sometimes. But I know it take more work and offerings to establish contact


I’ve worked with all of the Queens for a bit, and more recently, much more Agrat. Something about her energy I seem to be more in sync with once we start working. Not entirely sure why. But as seemingly the consensus, she does seem to be more lighthearted or playful.

Her and Lilith seem to have a “thing” going on, influences getting chalked up to the other. Being very protective and wise she has helped me balanced out