Has anyone conjured "Lady Luck"?

I have always heard of luck described as a “lady”. So is it possible to actually invoke/evoke her? As a goddess or an egregore? Or what entities are associated with her or manifest as her?




Tyche yes . Just did workings with her.


I found a sigil for Fortuna and I know that she is represented by the Wheel of Fortune Tarot card. I will most likely meditate and do a TGS on the tarot card since that is more available to me.


Fortuna in Italian (my mother tongue) means Luck.
Working with the Wheel of Fortune brings luck in a short time, but it also brings bad luck,
Everything must be equilibrated


Thank you for this. I think I just had an experience with her in meditation but I’m not sure yet. It would make sense as I have a prosperity altar currently up. I’ll just have to wait and see how things progress from here

Karasu. Can u plz explaim more into her,? I work whit her,plus some of my friends have work whit it, it helps, bring money luck. Etc, all my froends talk wonderful things of. Tru its a ritual for life which u marry her and wear a jewelry forever, but never hear she bring bad luck too.

As far i knw red, green candle side by side and spraying any perfume or cologne to her picture, statue will callher essences, to u place, or you, plus any small to big coins, its a lot of Slavic, or armenian areas which worship her there,., but thanks for teach tis up.

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The wheel of fortuna from Tarot, or something else entirely?

Could you please show us the sigil if it is something else from The Wheel?

Hmm, nobody says I ca’t come up with own seal of Lady Luck and a ritual for her…

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Yes! That is a great idea. I am getting ideas about a jupiter kamea with Lady Luck spelled out on it.:heavy_dollar_sign:

If you make something, I hope you will post it! Good luck.

I might do that.

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Yeah and for some reason for the last couple of weeks I keep scrying elephants and now bunnies. I know both of those are very lucky, auspicious and associated with money.

Just thought I’d mention it since this is a thread about “luck”. 🤷😁

I am finished with the Seal of Lady Luck now and asked her with my Tea Card Oracle if she would come through the seal for me. Something she agreed too. The Seal was created mostly for luck in Game of Chance, but nobody says one can’t use it for other things in life.

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Awesome. Hopefully you get some good results.

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I have a truly good feeling about this and believe I will. Thank you <3

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