Has anyone astral traveled to the following locations

Moon, in particular dark side of the moon


Buckingham Palace

Area 51



I heard people were blocked off at most of these.


Really? Ive never heard that, OP! Can you maybe share some links or stories about this happening? I’m not discounting you; it’s just, I’ve been to all of these and I never encountered preventative resistance. :slight_smile:

area 51


Thanks! I’ll check this out. I went there a few years back, there’s nothing really out of the ordinary there except for some Roswell leftovers, the important stuff is under DC. :slight_smile:

Roswell stuff such as flying saucer?

What is under DC?

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There was a lot of aerospace tech, like experimental engines and plane designs, but more like 10-20 years in the future stuff than what we think of as aliens. They’ve got a really old mad king guarding the place, I didn’t catch his name but some kind of ancestor who hoarded all knowledge for himself to create tyranny (maybe the ancestor of tyranny by way of centralized knowledge, looking back on it). Deeper into it there’s a few decomposed greys and other things unidentifiable due to decomposition or chemical structure, very few though, like they outsourced studying the bodies (I counted two greys and four unknowns). They have some kind of vaccine, poison, or fuel (Honestly I couldn’t tell what it was for, may have been all of the above) that was derived from these bodies, and the most secret parts of the base were like a chemical factory to produce this stuff. :slight_smile:

As for what’s under DC, well, aside from the fact that there isn’t enough time in the day for me to write it all out; that’s where the stuff we’d classically think of aliens or conspiracies lie. I think it’s the last episode of Rick and Morty that goes into more detail about this?

TL;DR- manmade tunnels and sub-structures that could fit the entire population of DC, maybe more, filled with the dirty secrets of officials ambassadors and foreigners to use as blackmail or other fuel to secure American globalization. Slaves, spies, documents, videos, places, drugs (oh my god there’s so many drugs, legal experimental and not), there’s spaces rented to mega corporations to get mutual access to their stuff; I mean, are you looking for anything specific? :slight_smile:


So they have slaves under DC?

Did you come across flyinh triangle aircraft? and things like free energy devices? or vehicles that run on propulsion if you know what I mean?

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I wouldn’t call going to these places astral projection, the astral is a separate plane, what you’re asking is if someone has physically projected to these places. The physical has its own energetic layer that is simply projecting on the physical. Going to these locations in the astral will just land you somewhere random in the astral that has no correlation to these places, but just simply exist within similar spaces.


I didn’t come across anything triangular under DC, there were some pure triangle shaped ones in 51 though. Didn’t see any free energy devices or propulsion mechanism, though, wasn’t looking honestly. :slight_smile:

DC doesn’t have much in the way of science going on underground, it’s more like a giant party-play-blackmail space that doubles as a shield and tool the government as necessary.

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Have you tried going to pine gap in australia?

This is where apparently the flying saucer tech is!

Have you come across anywhere with flying saucer stuff?

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I once jumped to 51 to what seemed like the early 70s and there was once going in a hangar (as in, we built one and flew it, norm-Earth materials that I could see), but, nothing in modern times.

I haven’t gone over there yet, no! Guess it’s time. :slight_smile:


I am learning remote viewing and tried it several times, but still haven’t mastered it. Mostly when i do this and travel to other places i get surrounded by spirits who always distract me from my goal and after some of those spirits of those places have followed me home and later disturbe my sleep, so i have stopped my magickal “journeys” for a while. I think i should try doing these some time, becouse i’m interested in aliens and everything there is to them, even tried the CE-5 meditation of dr. steven green, but the shit got out of hand and too freaky when at nigh i was “abducted?” by some extraterestials, they said that they are humans from 3500~ something…they said the whole date but i cant remmeber it now, just remmember being in the ship, felt some sorf of “radiation” from the ship, i know i have spoken to those beings but cant remmember what and woke up after feeling like i was hit by a car, with peace of meat missing from my upper side of mouth and said that’s enough aliens for now.:slight_smile: How do you mastered remote viewing and what books are good for learning it?

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DC is Washington DC, correct?

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It is indeed. :slight_smile:

Sounds like remote viewing. According to some the U.S. government has had people doing this for decades.


Is something hidden under New York City?

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I’ve never been to any but I know how it feels to be grounded from astral projection…nit fun…