Has anyone accidently summoned a spirit via a Tarot reading?

So since I started working with Beleth, I was led to zodiac based readings on YouTube. Being a reader for some 30 years (well, 30 years next month), and already loving filming, I thought ‘I can do that’ and started my own channel, Sunchilde Tarot (hope I’m allowed to name that, it’s only 50% a shameless plug). I proceeded with this, with Beleth’s blessing.
So I did a series of readings for Mars conjunct the Galactic Centre, or as I modestly called them, Martian Galactic Downloads. Among the cards I used were Bloodstone Studios Oracle of Heaven and Hell, and their Demon Possessed Tarot, and another set called the Daemon Tarot which are actually oracle cards based on the Dictionnaire Infernale. I use a lot of decks in my readings because, well, its fun, I love the cards, and that’s my style.
So, in the Aquarius reading, Ronove turned up in all three decks, which I noted as significant, and then thought little more about it.
The following day at work, I got a call from my housemate. Now, my housemate is not into the more esoteric side of life, although he has learned a lot about it from me. His exact phrase was ‘What the hell have you brought into this house?’
Now he is not the most descriptive of individuals, we ended up with a description of him as he came out of the shower, seeing a waist high being wandering down the landing towards my room. As I pressed for details over hte phone, we ended up with something that was a combination of my oversized teddy bear (that I have had since I was three, please do not judge) and Godzilla. The main word was ugly.
The next night, he saw it again. Once I came home that night, he had a friend/neighbour round that he is considering going into business with. This friend is an Aquarius, which brought the reading back up. I showed the housemate the card of Ronove from the Daemon Tarot. He confirmed that was what he had seen, twice now.
Bear in mind, although I had read his entry in some books, like the Lesser Key, I had never really paid Ronove any attention previously. He was not on my radar, so to speak.
Interestingly, we live at number 272, our Aquarius friend at 268, both being the Gemmatria numbers of Ronove according to V K Jehannum.
Anyway, Ronove seemed to harass my housemate a little by messing with electronics, moving items, etc until I had a day to clear the house, smudge, talk to Ronove via pendulum, finally gave him something to do and politely dismissed him as he requested, although I made it clear that he was welcome. (Less so by my housemate maybe, but that was his first experience of what has occurred to many of my friends, seeing weird things and beings around me. Ironically, I hardly ever see them at the same time!)

So, my question is has anyone else encountered a similar experience, and ‘accidentally’ summoned a spirit with the cards. I was interpreting it as Ronove was coming though of his own volition, although when I asked Beleth, he claimed he had sent him, though this was another pendulum conversation, so I was unable to ascertain the why of it. The behaviour of Ronove afterwards indicates that it was more involuntary on his part. Or was it simply that he did, but I failed to dismiss him in a timely fashion? I asked him to assist me in learning the language of astrology, and assist my housemate with another language (more a symbolic language rather than a specific one, much like the astrology request I issued). I then politely released him from remaining present and bid him to be about his business.
(Beleth has told me he wants me to perform messages from him using the cards, but has not yet shown me a spread (or deck) he would like me to use for this, or since they will be YouTube based, whether they would be zodiac based or based on some other classification, or just like simple communal announcements. I am waiting for direction/inspiration on that one, as I have only been working with him for a year, less, and so I do not yet feel qualified/experienced enough to make pronouncements on his behalf on YouTube when there are such luminaries as EA and JS. Also, using Tarot to ‘channel’ like Barbara Marciniak bring through the Pleiadians seems like a weird method to me, but I will keep you posted on that one.)

So, back to my original question. Has anyone got any insight from their own experience to give me here? The episode is over for the time being, I must say I like Ronove and I am grateful to him for saying hi. I am also eager to / very trepidatious about using my ‘Martian Galactic Download’ spread again. They were fun readings and the energy was flying around. But I don’t want to drive my housemate of five years into signing up to become a member of the Ghostbusters!


I think my deck might have haunted some kid with Shub-Nigurath, unless that was already an issue for him, but my deck is spooky so it wouldn’t surprise me.

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I’ve used my oracle deck to call on Odin.


I don’t know if I have, although I have gotten MUCH better at reading my own cards (I’ve always been able to read for other people, but not myself) since I started working with demons.