Has anybody done anything like this?

I have an idea. I have 3 books i am going to use together.

Archangels of magick by damon brand.
Seven spheres by rufus opus.
Chaos magick by adam blackthorne.

I am going to begin a seven month project.
I will probably not begin it just yet. Maybe late september when i can buy the last of materials needed.

I am going to evoke each planet, its corresponding archangel and olympic spirit. And ask them to teach me what they can. I will do this for one month each planet/angel/spirit. Until i have completed all seven.

I will also make the talisman of each and all of them. Maybe keep them. Maybe give them to friends or family.

Im a bit scared of the changes this working could bring. Anyone done something like this?


I have worked through Rufus Opus’ Seven Spheres. It was an informative experience, though some of the planetary energies felt muted. Some more intense.

The only thing I would recommend is that you add a ritual designed to banish all astrological energies prior to the sphere’s ritual. The Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram found in the Golden Dawn should suffice. This way, the planet you are invoking should not be hindered by conflicting astrological energies that may cause it to be muted or negative. Avoid invoking a planet during its retrograde.

Don’t ask the archangel of Jupiter for a job. He’ll prioritize what your good at, even if it makes you miserable.