Has a nice ring to it

Not sure if this is an everybody stage, but I am getting the ringing tone in my ears when trying to communicate with entities. I also have tinnitus, but this is not that. The only reason I know is that the ringing occurs in response to questions and for response periods of time, unlike change of environment/atmospheric pressure/impacts that causes the other. Also, though only twice, this has led to single word response that corresponded to the questions I asked. I’m trying to find a way to push past this to be able to fully hear. The problem is that I don’t know how. I can strain to listen into the ring and sometimes this increases the frequency and prolongs it a bit more but it doesn’t yield anything. Also, why am I physically straining if my ears aren’t really how this whole communication thing works to begin with, and it is the mind that is actually perceiving the rings and response.

Does anyone have/had the same experience with this? Is it a stage you just have to suck a big one on until your ability catches up or is there actively something you can do in the moment?

Also, as an addendum, these are the thing i have currently attempted to help with this so it doesn’t appear that I am just looking for a handout (though if i’m honest i kinda am lol):

1.) Meditation- I silence my mid and try to isolate sounds or listen into the void for sounds
2.) Chakras- Have tried focusing on the 3rd eye, crown, and throat chakras until i feel them during these occasions to see if it helps
3.) Physical strain- Strained ears and mind to listen into the ringing/sounds for something past them or within
4.) Hook up- Been like, “Yo, hook me up with this or show me a way that i can improve to…” to entities/the ether