Harlot of Babylon

So, I’ve recently discovered the Harlot/Whore of Babylon. And, in my curiosity, I created a figurine of her (couldn’t include the beast)

I’m curious. Is she a real entity or a metaphor?

Along side that, the bible seems to represent her as one who’s only concerns are wealth, pleasures, and leeching off of others. So, she represents political corruption and injustice. I guess in simplest terms, our culture would call her a gold digger. However, the Abrahamic religions have a habit of re-interpreting anything they don’t like into something evil.

My biggest inquiry is, for those who’ve interacted with her, what is she really like and what is her side of the story?


She’s real. Orlee Stewart works a lot with her and her energies.

What do you think of the figurine?

You created that, correct?

It’s pretty cool.

Thank you.

I have several other figures based on other mythological entities. Including Yahweh. However, before I worked on her, I designed figures for the three ghosts of Christmas. I’m very proud of Christmas yet to come.


Nothing wrong with being a golddigger

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Nothing wrong with being a womanizer either.

If you’re gorgeous, wanted and muscular enough, I support it 100%

Doesn’t really matter whether or not you approve.

Is the Harlot of Babylon = Babalon ?
Wasn’t Babalon just a title ?

In the Bible, I think the harlot is a metaphor for the city.

Well Crowley liked Babalon and he seemed to know what he was doing, so maybe go from there.