Hard work at full moon?

Hello everyone,

Just wanna ask your opinion about that I’m willing to do a spell some sort of “confuse mind” and I only heard that full moon is a good thing for spellcasting in the terms of love spells.

But I’m unsure whether it’s good for “banishing work” or “curses”


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Waning moon is good for banishing and waxing is for summoning or calling on an effect.

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What you just said could be a term for literally any spell, because either cursing someone or banishing work are a developing process from your view, it I got the idea.

So doing curses on full moon is something that you should not miss :slight_smile:

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I have found that moon phases or specific full moons, act much like planetary hours. They are a part of a system to help the individual focus. So, working on a phase outside of the “normal correspondences” will not hinder the work in my eyes.

That being said, if we are taking a specific system (such as Wicca, as that is the only example popping into my mind right now), banishment would fall under the waning moon phases where New moon is supposing a time of rest or shadow work. Full moons, on the other hand, are not only for things such as love or prosperity but anything that would normally take large amounts of energy to manifest. While they do not believe in cursing, it would be an effective time to perform that kind of magic if we follow that logic. Think New Moon as internal working and Full as external.

So, perhaps it would be best for you to experiment with different moon phases and journal the results to see if the moon phases have any sort of role or effect with your own workings. That way, experience is your teacher.