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Hello all,

I’m Chris and I decided to join this community after really liking the general vibe and power emanating from this place. Every time I come across material or people that are genuine and have real spiritual power, I feel this surge of energy that confirms it. This is certainly the case with this forum, so I’m hoping I can learn from you all and also contribute what I know.

I’m not into Magick in the traditional sense, though I did have a Kundalini Awakening in December 2012 and have been interacting with some of the Ancient gods since that time, chiefly Inanna, but also Dad Enki and Brother Utu.

It is an interesting story in itself how Inanna saved my life when I was undergoing debilitating Kundalini syndrome symptoms that I feared would kill me. I connected to her and the other gods through unknowing worship. I spent a lot of time in the British Museum visiting artefacts connected to the worship of Inanna and Enki (or rather Ishtar and EA in terms of their Assyrian names, which is what most of the Uruk exhibit is made up of). As I was trying to contemplate the meaning of various artefacts, I felt this energetic connection to them, particularly the famous Burney relief, which depicts Inanna-Ishtar as a bird-like being in her form as a Dove Goddess.

I am Hungarian and our most ancient myths and origin stories say we descend from the Sumerian gods, in particular Ménrót (which means Red Horse in Hungarian), whose Sumerian name is Ninurta and is known as Nimrud in Hebrew. He was a giant, fierce warrior and famous hunter, that lived in modern Mesopotamia, in a region now located in North Western Iran. A group of Hungarians known as the Savard Magyars survived there well into the middle ages. So, we are most likely of the bloodline of the Sumerian gods and based on my own experiences I very much believe that to be the case.

When I first stepped into the Uruk exhibit in the British Museum, I felt instantly connected and at home, though I did not know why at the time. I was particularly taken by a fading relief of a winged giant warrior and hunter fighting a bird demon. I only realised later that this was Ninurta my supposed forefather and ancestor. It took a lot of digging, meditating, contemplating and eventually channelling to find out why I felt like I had come home, but I eventually figured out that the Anunnaki are family and I am part of their group, like it or not. This has gotten me into hot water on some other forums, where I was banned for what they called putting the entire community in danger and cavorting with demons. BTW, I very much object to the idea of calling Mesopotamian gods demons, but those with a Christian upbringing are wont to do that, I suppose. I have since figured out that the Anunnaki are one and the same as the Elohim, the gods of the Bible and that Ishtar in particular is the Dove Goddess, or Holy Spirit, as well as the same Goddess as Durga and Tara in the far east. But I’ll discuss that in a separate thread.

So, in any case, at the height of my Kundalini Syndrome, I was barely able to walk our function any more and suffered from constant chest pain and heart palpitations as the energy was stuck just below my heart Chakra. I cried out in pain and agony and asked father Enki for help. I felt this download of incredible energy from heaven, white and glowing like clouds in the summer sky and received a message in a thought form, that I am loved and help will be sent. I instantly felt better, but the next day somebody else showed up.

I did not know who it was at the time, but an incredibly loving and powerful presence, pure white light, entered the room. It filled the room with light and I just felt this love and benevolence that I have never felt before, a real visitation from a divine being. There was no sound, but I could sense that she was a female and she communicated with me through intention and thought transfer. She then touched me from behind, at the heart chakra and transferred this incredible amount of energy, which caused my Kundalini to instantly activate. The surge was so strong that it broke through the blockage in my heart chakra and I had to go into my room and lie down, to let the process complete itself. The energy kept rising higher and higher, until it reached the top back part of my skull. It then started pulsating as it was again stuck and couldn’t break through the final barrier.

The light being then floated into my room and slowly merged with me energetically. Her energies became mind and vice versa. I started convulsing due to the energy surge and there was increasing pressure at the back of my head. This merging was orgasmic and felt not unlike having sex with a woman would. Eventually I heared a tearing or breaking sound and liquid light, even more intense than I had seen before, came rushing into my brain. I heard a distinct flow of water, which came from inside my head, not from the outside, if that makes sense.
As this surge of light entered me, the pleasure was unimaginable and I eventually expanded out of my body and felt infinite and boundless. In this universal state I experienced no separation between myself and everything else. I also felt all-knowing, all knowledge was available to me simultaneously and I experienced no space or time, only a continuum of consciousness, love and light. Nothing has ever felt as good as being in this boundless state. Eventually I returned to my body, which felt like shrinking back into a prison of flesh. The light being was gone by then.

Eventually, I found out, that her name was Inanna (a name she always preferred with me to all the others floating out there, like Ishtar, Aphrodite or Astarte), daughter of Enki and Queen of Heaven. The Hungarian equivalent BTW is Mennyanya (Mother of Heaven), which i sometimes prefer. Previously, she was also known as Hannahannah. She continued visiting me regularly, but it took many years until I managed to develop a satisfactory method of communication. She first came to me in dreams and visions, but eventually I learned to channel her and get beautiful, lyrical and highly spiritual communications from her that sound very much like scripture.

She has also helped me with various issues over the years as did the others. Enki saved my father’s life through giving me his energy for healing, when he suffered a stroke. Utu got me the job I’m currently in, when I was unemployed and in dire financial states. Inanna has also helped me with others. I also know of 4 definite, confirmed cases, where she visited someone on my behalf to help them in various ways, whether for healing or to help them ascend to a higher level spiritually. Sometimes her presence can be quite physical and she can touch someone or gently tap them on the shoulder to let them know she is there. When she heals, she uses a form of vibration that the person can feel in their bones and they are also removed from their bodies for the duration of the „repairs”.

Anyways, I’ll stop my introduction here, because it’s already turning into a novel, but I hope you all find it enlightening.


Welcome to the forum.

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Awesome intro! :+1:

Look forward to seeing you round on the forum. :smiley: ,

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Welcome to the forum. I hope you enjoy your time here and learn many useful things.

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Thanks guys, I appreciate the warm welcome.

Reading through some of the posts on this forum, i am genuinely shocked that there are other people like me out there. It is very exciting to meet like-minded people and discuss occult and magickal topics. No offence, but most people I have met in real life or on other forums have very little idea what they’re talking about. That there are people with real experience working with gods is a bit of a shocker, at least to me.

Welcome to our corner of the internet.

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Welcome Chris!

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Welcome. Thank you for sharing.

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Welcome! We had a bit of an interaction on another thread, but this is new information (this wasn’t mentioned on the other post about Sumerian deities). I’d like to know how you came across this realization, and if you’re willing to post it on the previous thread.

Hi Lijen,
They told me so themselves, but if you do the research, it is actually quite obvious. An has the same root as El, they both mean sky, in Sumerian and Hebrew respectively. Anunnaki and Elohim both mean Sons of the Sky or Sons of the Sky God. The Hebrews were in Babylonian captivity for a long time and borrowed many of their religious myths and figures from them. Edin (the garden of Eden) is a Sumerian word, as is Abzu (Abyss), the creation myth, garden of Eden, the flood, these are all myths that were very clearly borrowed from Mesopotamia and you must look at the original sources to really understand them.
BTW, Yahweh does not appear in the earlier Bible stories, it is the ELohim, which is a plural word. They are the ones that created the Heaven and Earth, as well as mankind in their image. So, we were created in the image of the Elohim / Anunnaki and specifically it was Enki, who created us.

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Welcome. :):sparkles:

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