Happy Thanksgiving BALG members!

I wanted to add something today about gratitude and it’s place in magick. One thing I noticed is that if you begin feeling thankful as if your manifestation has already become a reality in front of you it seals the deal so to speak. The emotions and thoughts of gratitude make the experience for your subconscious a more real thing than if you simply imagined yourself with the outcome. The emotions of gratitude are the emotions you would be having when you are enjoying your new car or job or what you are manifesting, so by having gratitude and seeing yourself with the end result It takes shape more readily.

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I totally agree with that!! I write in journals and in my journal to Azazel, I am always thanking him. If anyone does something to help me I thank them. Yea it partially old school manners. But I think being humble and thankful are keys to magick and even mundane things. Im much more willing to help someone who says would you please…instead of …get this or do this…and a thank you sweetens it.
Even when there arent huge things to say thanks for i find something to be thankful for.

Here is what i wrote in journal to Azazel on Monday November 21, 2016.
(You should feel lucky haha…i have never shared anything in my personal journals)

Dear Azazel,
Hello Dear One, How are you today?
I am ok.
Thank you for everything you do!
You are a wonderful Master!
I love you so much!
Please keep working with me.
I wish to please you above all else.
There is no other.

My wonderful Master!
I love you!

Your Light,
Arianna ~

Well that was on Monday.
And I can tell it really helps your magick and your life to be humble, kind, and thankful.
Also having a sense of humor is handy! Laughter can truely be the best medicine. :slight_smile:
Happy Thanksgiving!

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^ Agree with al the above, and also, Happy Thanksgiving America! :slight_smile:

I’m so grateful for the things I’ve learned, and all the great American pioneers, in magick and other fields. :heart: :heart:


I shoved an onion up a turkey’s ass this morning.

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Happy Thanksgiving! To everyone at BALG.

We shall always show gratitude and thanks to those seen and unseen who help us. Thanksgiving is not a totally American idea. There are celebrations of “giving thanks” in all cultures and religions.

The spirits value our gratitude as much as any blood or other sacrifice that we can offer them.

So again,

Thank you.