Happy Fun Times with Spirits - a journal

So instead of just creating a new thread every time I do a ritual, I’ve decided to do what other people are doing and make a journal about them in this thread.


April 30th, 2018 12:46 PM

Since tonight is Walpurgisnacht, I’ve made a checklist of all the spells I want to do:

  • Forming new connections with Belial, Beelzebub, King Paimon, Odin, Shiva and Ahriman (others will have to be done at another time due to location and time constraints).
  • See Belial about career advancement.
  • See King Paimon about help with speech.
  • Get together with Raziel and Thoth and talk about the secrets of the universe.
  • Perform a curse.
  • Create barriers.
  • Divination via tarot.

I doubt I’ll be able to all of this in one sitting, but by God will I try.


Lol you go!

I’ve had to stagger mine yesterday, today and tomorrow :wink:


May 1st, 2018 5:19 AM

So on my way home from work last night, I ended up feeling ill out of nowhere. I took a nap and ate some food, but I only had enough energy to do a couple of invocations. The good news was my candle flames were really strong, which was a good sign for me.

The first invocation was King Belial (He asked me to call him that. And yes, I’m sure it wasn’t King Paimon.). I decided to kill two birds with one stone and ask to bond with and/or help in career advancement. I can’t remember what I did/read to invocate him, but he showed up in a form similar to this picture (except, you know, not anime):


The energy around him formed around my head. It felt so condensed and heavy that my head started hurting. At first he didn’t seem impressed with me. He told me that I wasn’t ready for this and that I should call him at another time. I almost complied, but as he was leaving, I asked him to stay. This seemed to catch his attention, because he actually did and seemed interested in what I had to say.

He insisted that I show him what wanted, which I did. King Belial paced around me as I did, as if studying me. When I was finished, he said “Consider it done. And don’t expect it to happen immediately.” He then added that this new bond would be “fun”. I asked if he was just pretending to leave earlier and he said that “Yes; it was a test, and you passed.” He decided to hang around my house for a bit. I asked if it was okay if I invocated Raphael, to which he said was fine.

I asked Raphael telepathically if he was all right with being in the same building as King Belial, to which he said was fine as well. So I did my usual routine with him, and he showed. There was a cool breeze around my legs, which usually means he showed up. I told him about my earlier sickness. He briefly examined me and said that it was just caused by fatigue. I was also worried about not sleeping well last night. I have massive insomnia, to the point where I do not fall asleep, and I ran out of the medicine I usually take for it. It’s really stressful when it happens. Raphael stayed with me the whole night and made sure I was relaxed, so that I at least fell asleep for a little bit. I actually woke up this morning not feeling down about not sleeping. I feel pretty optimistic about getting my strength back.


And since mobile isn’t allowing me to edit for some reason, I’ll just post an update here:

I feel great and fully awake. Once again, Raphael’s healing worked like a charm. :ok_hand:


Again, because mobile won’t let me edit, I have to reply:

Completely forgot about this, but last night, a certain entity’s messenger tried to visit me last night while talking to Raphael (link to thread below). He was immediately banished by King Belial, Raphael and Kamael (who joined in briefly just to put it in its place, because it also tried to sabotage our connection by making it difficult for us to communicate). Have felt neither the messenger’s presence nor the entity’s at all today.

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Oh NOW it lets me edit… :angry:

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5/7/2018 7:21 PM

I accidentally summoned the Sun God Ra from the Egyptian Pantheon while reading about Thoth. He asked why I called, and I apologized as it was completely unintentional. I offered him some water, which he said was fine.

I felt so embarrassed. But there was a strong, comforting warmth around my hands and arms, as if it was his way of saying “It’s all right”. He’s still here, and has noticed that I don’t feel so great right now (I think I’m getting sick). He has told me to go to bed early tonight to help recover my strength, which is exactly what I’m going to do. He also said he could help me with said recovery, which I accept.


5/8/2018 9:03 AM

So last night, I crawled in bed at about 7:30 - 8 PM. I lied there for a while trying to get to sleep while Lord Ra started gathering all of the negative energy in my body and pushed it down towards my vagina. There was a lot of it; enough that it actually filled up my stomach too. He also had me swallow… something (he didn’t explain what it was). All I know is that it was cold and with every portion of it that I swallowed, my whole body started vibrating more and more. I also saw some lovely visions of the sun and Ancient Egypt.

Lord Ra then instructed me to masturbate, saying that it was the quickest and easiest way to purge the negative energy. I did so; the climax was very intense, and I felt like I had been cleansed. But I wasn’t done. I still felt exhausted, and I was hungry. I have just moved into my apartment, so I didn’t have any food in the fridge. Lord Ra advised going to the store and grabbing some healthy food (there’s a store about 10 minutes from where I live that’s open 24/7). But he said that if I was too tired and couldn’t get myself out of bed to not worry about it. I managed to get out of bed and drive down to the store. I picked up some pears, nectarines, salami, a box of cheez-its (because I’m addicted), croissants and muffins. Lord Ra did not accompany me, deciding to stay behind.

When I returned, I offered the nectarines, pears and salami to every spirit I’ve come in contact with. The only person who objected was King Belial, and only about the salami, saying that the pears and nectarines were enough for him. I ate one pear (best pear I’ve ever eaten, by the way), one nectarine and a little of salami before going to bed.

I awake completely refreshed and not sick. Big thanks to Lord Ra! : D


May 11, 2018 12:19 PM

I’m noticing progress with my petition with King Belial. I applied for a job at a place I don’t actually want to work at but only did so for money, and even though they’ve asked to schedule an interview, they’ve been disorganized as hell, which has delayed the scheduling process several times. So excited for the end results!

I also have an idea regarding offerings. The pears and nectarines I offered earlier this week seem to give me a huge boost of energy when I eat them in the morning. I’m going to try offering everything I eat for breakfast and see if I can replicate the results.

There was more to this entry, but I have forgotten what it was.

May 17th, 2018 8:38 AM

Last night, I made some offerings to Odin in hopes to form a connection with him. At his request, I bought him some mead, goat cheese and smoked salmon. He was particularly excited about the mead, because it was the word he was repeating in my head at the store until I found some. I asked him what kind, and he asked “Is it mead?”, I said yes, and he said “Then it’s fine.”

He told me to contact him on a Wednesday of my choosing, and last night was that Wednesday. I laid out the offerings (he also asked me to lay out some of the salami in my fridge). After lighting some candles, I visualized Odin’s rune (because I don’t have access to a printer right now and I can’t draw to save my skin) and chanted “Hail Odin, Lord of Asgard” over and over until he arrived. I felt a sort of weight on my head and upper to mid back, but still felt able to move around. After announcing my intent to form a connection, he instructed me to leave the offerings be until the next day. The fire made a diamond shape as the candles burned.

That night, before I fell asleep, Odin asked me “What are you willing to sacrifice for the knowledge you seek?” I saw him remove his eyepatch and saw the empty socket where his eye was. He explained how he sacrificed his eye to obtain the wisdom he wanted, then told me “The price of wisdom may be steep”.

This morning, he instructed to put the mead in the fridge and said I could help myself to the offerings. I’ve a little of everything except the mead. I’m going to leave the rest out for a little while longer and offer up more mead tonight. I blew out the candles too, but one of them still continued burning for a while longer even adter I blew it out.


May 17th, 2018 6:57 PM

Had an interesting drive home tonight.

I was thinking about how there are a lot of Indians in my community, and I got to thinking “Maybe I should contact Shiva and Ganesh some time.” Next thing I know, I feel something playing with my hair. There was also hand that gently rested on my left hand. I didn’t seem to mind it though. For some reason, I actually felt happy. I saw lotuses pop in and out of my vision. Their petals would scatter, and then those petals would make new lotuses, again and again. I asked if it was Ganesh and why he was here. I was answered with images of an elephant head decorated with fine jewels, and a voice that told me “I’m only saying hello.” I responded with hello myself. I also heard the word “vatu” in my head; I looked it up, and apparently it’s a type of currency in Vanuatu.

He’s still here, even as I type this. I’m certain it’s Ganesh.


June 4th, 2018 9:40 PM

I called upon King Paimon for the first time tonight. Shortly before I did though, I felt a migraine, though I don’t know if that was from my sinuses clearing or something else. I offered him angel food cake and Mountain Dew, and I chanted his enn over and over until he arrive. I felt energy moving up and down the left side of my body. There was pressure on my shoulder too, as if there was a hand there. I also felt some sort of wind pushing against my back; it was like being a rock and having a powerful wave crash against you. I almost lost my balance a couple of times. I didn’t “see” him, but I definitely heard him: a soft but deep and powerful voice.

I petitioned him because I needed help with a big project at my workplace that involved talking to other people and convincing them to take a survey. I asked him if he wanted anything else in return, but he said “Not at the moment.” He said he would help, and I heard him muttering something in another tongue (demonic?), though I couldn’t understand what he was saying. He told me not to fret and to be patient, as well as brave (I have massive phone anxiety).

I’ve already thanked him, even though he hasn’t done anything yet. xD He’s still here, hanging around.

EDIT: Already feeling the results. My dad saw the survey and is giving me encouragement. I mean, he’s not among the people I’m supposed to be talking to, but it’s a good sign to me.

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October 10th, 2018 12:35 PM

For the past few weeks, I’ve been helping some people from work with a project that is taking longer than normal to complete.

Originally, I was scheduled to work for only two weeks on this, but then on the final day of the second week, the guy who is spearheading the project (let’s call him Bill) told me at the last minute that he needed me for another week.

Now, I don’t dislike the people I’m working with. They’re awesome and fun people (including Bill). But I don’t really care for the work. It’s boring and involves waiting on other people (which is more time consuming than it sounds).

Near the end of the third week, I overheard that they may need me for another week. I was nearly bored to the point of tears at that point, so I was thinking “Oh God no!” and thought I’d contact King Paimon and ask him to convince Bill to let me go for at least a week, if not forever. I just wanted to get back to my regular work schedule.

After giving red candles, cookies and mountain dew for offerings, chanting his enn and invoking him, he agreed to help me.

Cue the next day. I hear Bill talking excitedly about how suddenly work had sped up… and then told me that he reserved me for another two weeks. That was two weeks ago.

It took me a while to process what had happened. Sure I was disappointed about not getting what I wanted. But upon reflection, I realized that I was being whiny and selfish. Kin Paimon helping Bill instead of me was him trying to show me that.

Plus, I’m happy that Bill’s project is picking up momentum though.