Hansel and Gretel movie : Supernatural witches

So i watched the movie starring Jeremy Renner and i was left wondering if witches are human beings who engage in witchcraft or they supernatural beings. In the movie the witches are clearly portrayed as non human supernatural beings! What is the truth?

Witch: Practitioner of witchcraft.
Movie: A work of fiction meant to entertain people. Rarely has much truth in it, if any at all


That a movie is always just a movie; fictional entertainment.
There is no “basis in fact” and 99% of films that say “based on true events” are fictional stories created around a newspaper headline at best.

None Of It Is Real.

You picked one of the worst movies ever made lol Ok to be fair not the worst ever but probably in the top 50 list. I think it went straight to DVD and that tells you something.

The only truth in this movie is that it’s pure garbage, that’s almost a scientific fact !

Movies are made for a purpose. In most cases it’s simple and clear, box office profit. No matter what’s in the movie, truth or total nonsense they don’t care. Whatever gets people to buy tickets… they will put on the screen. Sometimes, the artists creating those movies try to pass their own messages to audience in symbols allover their movies, to avoid a veto from big studios that would prevent production.

There are independent movie makers and low-budget experimental movies made by professionals and amateurs alike, created for artistic reasons more than anything else. And even those you could only accept them with an open mind and grain of salt because they reflect personal opinions of their makers. Maybe some documentaries are well made and worth considering as a source of information but that’s about it when it comes to movies, in my opinion. So you better just leave movies for entertainment - unless you like solving puzzles and looking for symbols, that could be fun - and get your information from more reliable resources.

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Witches are or at least at one time were human. When they get stupid powerful and refuse to die properly, they can at least as mythologically understood continue to exist as something like the aberrations in that movie and many others.

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Lol straight to DVD doesn’t mean a movie is garbage… Some cult classics get that kind of treatment at first :wink:


I did actually watch this movie drunk at one time, it was well suited for that at least. Seen far, far worse movies.

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In movies yes, not rl. They are very human ask the ones on this forum :rofl:


Well to be fair, there are fair few “witch like” spirits in various mythologies. I personally consider it somewhat of a mistranslation to actually call them witches, though

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Exception that proves the rule, but you’re right, straight to DVD doesn’t mean the movie is garbage. I stand corrected :grinning:

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