I love this time of year because I feel so empowered during the fall especially October, as if there is a massive surge of energy just up for grabs this time of year. Maybe it’s because of Halloween and the rituals that some partake in to commune with the deceased and the veils supposedly being thinner this time of year? Not sure, but I always feel so alive and my magick is stronger in the fall. Does anyone else experience this?

Also, what plans do you have for Halloween? Any rituals or celebrations whether it be just plain ole Halloween related, or Samhain or even Dia De Los Muertos this coming November? I always like to ask people this on the forums I frequent and I already know what the wiccans get into on Samhain, so I am curious with all the different belief systems here what are some things you do? And I mean magick and ritual related not talking about things like costume parties, pumpkin festivals, and fall dinner get togethers.

Do you do any work in a graveyard, or possibly visit abandoned locations for ritual such as supposed haunted houses, mysterious landmarks and monuments, or old churches? Do you do any work with a coven or group of magicians, or possibly a family celebration if your immediate family is also comprised of magicians? I will share later on what I have planned but first I want to hear some stories from you, humor me please, I love Halloween!

My work always involves going to the boneyard, whether to buy grave dirt or for work with spirits. In the tradition I practice, halloween is a high day so I’ll be doing something big for that, especially since I’m off work on halloween this year!

Veni Qayin,

Celebrate, eat some pumpkin pie and turkey, carve a pumpkin and invoke my patron deity. Nothing big, just doing what I love.

Here in the southern US fall is always my favorite time of year, specifically October. For one thing the oppressive summer heat that weighs down on my shoulders when I’m outside and sucks the energy out of me surrenders to cooler October air. I love October here. I call it the “anti-spring”. But it really depends on which geography I’m in at any given time. In the Pacific Northwest summer is my favorite time of year. In the Middle East, winter is.

It’s on a Saturday, so I’ll probably just do the Rite of Contact and Rite of Approach in Saturn from Planetary Magic by Denning and Phillips. Probably eat some pumpkin pie, too. Cause, you know, pumpkin pie…

We haven’t planned anything yet, probably just buy sweets I don’t like myself for the trick or treaters, some years we don’t get any so there’s no point buying anything I’ll start picking at next time I get PMT! :slight_smile:

Halloween is without doubt, the most beautiful night of the year for me. I have loved its atmosphere since I was a kid and the Autumn (fall) is my favourite season. All my friends hate it and some even seem to get depressed, whereas I come alive! There is definitely a surge of energy and I totally agree with you Raven, magic can become very potent as we run up to Samhain.

I seem to feel that the energy now becomes somewhat retrograde, which will allow us to go within more. This can certainly cause a deeper connection and hence, the magic becomes more intense in some ways. I got the same feeling last month on the night of the blood moon. This energy was very ‘Introspective’ so these forces around Halloween will tend to draw us into the darkness. I would say Necromancy or anything centred around the dead would we very beneficial if you wish to take advantage of the currents within this season.

I have always had the impression deep down that this is the true start of the year as most things start in darkness, decay and chaos, and from here they develop accordingly until they go back into the darkness again (chaos). So it tends to make a pass-over-point where there’s a beginning and ending taking place. For those of you who are sensitive, you may grab a glimpse of that veil being pulled back slightly.

As for rituals, I have none except ceremony…I go out for the evening and celebrate it by enjoying myself as the night tends to throw up unexpected occurrences at times, which makes it fun. This of cause follows the nature of the evening as it makes the mind contemplate as to ‘what if’ or ‘I wonder what would happen if I did this’ ???

So from my perspective, Samhain and the feast of the dead is truly a special night indeed…Now where did I put my besom lol?


Well you know Samhain is considered the witches new year because everything plant and flower wise dies off except for the evergreen trees and so begins another cycle of death and rebirth. I have been taking pictures all year long to document the seasons in my area as I am planning to make a seasonal collage and have the printing company I use for business needs print my collage onto posters and then I will frame mine and just give a copy to my dad and let him frame it himself because he likes the really expensive frames. But I have been unable to get any decent pics last fall or this fall. Winter has been coming so quickly that the beautiful orange, red, yellow, and purple leaves are gone by the next time you blink your eyes. Seasons are kind of messed up here, the birds don’t even know when to migrate and we end up with birds in our barns trying to stay warm. Today it’s like 68 degrees and it feels like a nice spring day when it should be cold so the birds are confused.

But there is definitely an energy surge and many others I have asked about it say they feel it too this time of year but most of the best pagan oriented holidays are this time of year so I imagine it may be because there are a lot more people partaking in cermonies and rituals. I will be making some candied apples with home grown apples and some popcorn balls. I plan to have a movie day with my daughter and watch some R.L. Stine and ABC family movies. She wants to watch Child’s Play and It, as she has recently become obsessed with Chucky and Pennywise but I told her no. I watched those movies when I was 7 and it turned me into a gothic serial killer movie loving Sci-Fi geek at a very young age but she is way more sensitive than I am, she would most likely have nightmares for weeks. I will probably spend the early hours of the night watching movies from my personal collection like Trick R’ Treat, Quentin T’s Grindhouse, Black Christmas (the new version with Lacey Chabert that’s really hard to find), Rob Zombie movies, the cult classic type movies.

Then I will take a ritual shower (don’t have a bath tub like the other bathrooms in this house, just a stand up shower) but I will light candles and since you can’t really use homemade herbal bath salts in a shower without making a huge mess I will use meditation to cleanse myself. It works, I’ve done it before. Then later that night as midnight approaches I will doing some personal ritual which I cannot discuss publicly. It’s nothing sinister, I am just under strict agreement to keep it private for now. I think afterwards, I will do the black sun meditation as I feel it is needed again and then some meditation leading into sleep where I will then do some dreamscaping and visit my astral temple.

The energy in my astral temple is so overwhelming if I attempt to do an OBE type of thing while sitting up, I fall asleep for real and I am sent back to my body at which point I wake up because I’m usually sitting in an uncomfortable position to keep my body from falling asleep but all that does is that my body knows it’s not supposed to fall asleep in that position so when my body starts to tucker out on me I am sent back to it. So I have discovered that when visiting my astral temple it is best to lay down and get comfortable so that when I fall asleep my body does not wake me and I can continue what I’m doing thru dreamscaping. When that happens I realize that I am asleep now but am not pulled back into my body. It’s hard to explain to others but I have discussed this before on another topic in the soul travel section.

Well,this Samhain is going to be a special day for me.Quite honestly,I am super-excited.

For starters,I am throwing a Halloween party.Now,the idea came to me right after I had thrown my birthday party in June,and I had decided that I wanted the people I was close with at the time to be with me.At first,I had assumed it would be just a couple of us,me and my friends from grade school.

I jokingly added the phrase:’‘And whoever the hell I meet in high school!’’ as being invited,because at the time I assumed that I wouldn’t really be making that many friends in the first few months.Now,I’ve had to carefully make tables,just in order to decide WHO TO CUT OUT.

The people in my high school,love me,and especially those in my class.I barely picked a couple to come.Not to mention,my friends from grade school are going to come with friends as well,which has significantly increased the numbers.Some part of me is wondering whether they will all fit!

But party stresses aren’t the point of Halloween,as much as it is in the night and in the magick,and in the sheer power,and mystique.Some of my furniture,fashion and music tastes are only normal in this time,and remember people,I am a practicing occultist.

My threshold for things that are creepy,scary,macabre,occult,etc. is much stronger than most people I’ve met.For example,while I’m really creeped out my serial killers,the thought of being possessed,exorcist style,is in no way scary for me.I’ve been possessed,and I’ve enjoyed it.So things that are scary for some people aren’t that scary for me.

I have no fears of ghosts,or vampires,because I have summoned the former and I am the latter.To some extent.To name some examples,and even though I haven’t been scared in a while,I have been creeped out a lot,so I’ve noticed differences between scariness and creepiness just like differences between love and lust.

The Halloween party will be a costume party,in my home,and I will carefully decorate it to suit my desires.I assume that the poltergeist activity that I have will be enough.I’m not going to invite any random spirit in here,just to cause poltergeist activity that’d be weird,but I’m also not going to perform any banishings here,simply to savor the whole thing.

During the days building up to Halloween,I plan on invoking King Paimon,with whom I’m in a pact with,to be possessed by this great king.It is going to be a huge honor,I’ll probably host a Q & A like did with Thoth.

When everyone leaves the party,at around 8:00 PM(I don’t wanna keep these things for too long,their parents might get worried) is when the magickal part begins,because I plan on spending that Saturday night doing ritual.

I’ll get Paimon out of my body,and evoke Hecate,and her fairies along with her.After that,I’ll perform a demonic evocation of some sort,where I’ll summon several demons I’m close with,in order to solidify my empire,while I have Hecate and the fairies help me with some goals.I’ll summon my ancestors as well.So I plan on filling that time up with as much magic as is possible,because

  1. Dynamism

2.It’s Halloween

3.Look at the above.

So,I haven’t perfectly planned all things out yet,I do know that I’m throwing that Halloween party,doing some magic,and enjoying the entire event.Also,I’m gonna be possessed,so that’ll be fun…

Thru the aid of my guardian I am now planning a very dark ritual for Samhain for empowerment and this is by the far going to be the most powerful ritual I have ever done, assuming things go right, but I was told it was very serious and not to be taken lightly. If all goes well I will be publishing this in my upcoming book. I know I keep talking about the book but I am taking my time with it as the spirit I am working with wants everything to be serious and perfect. So it will be a while before it is done but the spirit knows a well known publisher that he has personally worked with so once completed, he will be visiting this publisher and telling them about the book. So that should help me get it published.

Luckily this year’s Halloween falls on a Saturday so I may actually be able to go out somewhere and do some ritual work. Not sure what I would do at this moment but I should start planning in advance.
Already this month has been a surge in energy for me. Just today I felt like I was in the Theta Gamma Sync for about 3 hours and could not get out of it, just intense static rain and balls of light and colors flashing everywhere. Luck has also been on my side this month with things being cancelled last minute or being moved around to fit my schedule perfectly. So far i’m loving this Halloween so my ritual may be one of thanks, but like I said above I am not sure yet.

I’ve felt like that too today, like I’ve been in an automatic theta trance that I did not personally induce. Weird, but I like it.

I love Halloween. Always have, probably way more than I love the Christmas season. I find that around mid October to Early in November it’s just so full of a kind of magical energy. I have always loved the dark “creepiness” of this time of year.

I’m still not actually sure what I’m going to do this year. I want to do a pretty big magical working if I have an opportunity. No idea yet if I work that night. Still waiting for the updated schedule. And unfortunately, living so far north late at night at the very end of this month is will be freezing cold out, so I’m not counting on an outdoor ritual, (though I would LOVE to and am hoping for unseasonably warm weather.) Evoking a demon on Halloween night, would of course be beyond cliche in company other than those on this board, lol, but there a couple I have been planning to call on and left on the back burner for now, and the thinness of the vails between worlds, makes it seems an opportune time to do so.

I began to freak out a little bit in my head after about an hour. I was like “oh shit I don’t think this is the TGS I may be going insane.” But after it subsided I was left in a state of calm and damn a lot of good just came to me. A person from the ProctorGallagher Institute called me up and offered me a one-on-one program with Bob Proctor for HALF the price. Like Holy Shit!

I orderred some cool black paper plates with ghosts on them, not exactly the cute friendly ghosts but I also got some napkins with black cats wearing witch hats and some Halloween themed craft kits on the way in the mail. It’s for my daughter. I am planning a surprise party for her on Halloween with snack foods and junk like candied apples and cheesesticks, mini burgers, etc. A movie evening too so she will love this stuff as mommy likes to go all out on Halloween and thankfully my mom is letting me do this in her house since she’s not too big on Halloween but around Xmas the house is all decked out, so I get to deck out for my favorite holiday this year.

When I live on my own I always do this. I can’t wait until my house is finished because I will have like a 6 foot tall grim reaper in my living room all year round and a life size Chucky doll, the works. My house will look like a haunted prop house in one room and another room will be my Sci-Fi and geekery room with posters of Supernatural, South Park, Beavis & Butthead, cult classic movie advertisements etc. Guys love my sense of fashion but other women hate it. I’m weird though, I dress feminine but my tastes and preferences are very tomboyish.

Dont forget to bless the Candy with Lucifer, to help spiritually cleanse the population =).