Hello everyone! My name is Alex, soon turning 26years old. I’m portuguese, an Aeries (with Scorpio and Taurus influences) and am actively searching to grow spiritually wise.

I read Tarot, swing the pendulum (mainly for myself), study herbalism, and am trying to organize the ammount of info I already have into notes so I can properly study the different crafts that exist: for now, more about protection & healing magic, archangel/deities/gods/goddesses and my connecting to them as well as properly grounding/meditating.

On another note, I love arts - I myself enjoy drawing and playing with paint, photography. I consider myself an old soul - feel like one, talk like one apparently too since a veery young age. have 0 patience and understanding towards stupidity and rudeness in general. I adore talking but can have a problem properly connecting with people because I’m way to empathic and haven’t really found «appropriate» people to surround myself with. I like chess, reading, collecting bookmarkers and mugs (for tea mainly), nature, animals, going on (planned) adventures.

I also appreciate a good comment/answer when myself or someone is loking for help.

Anyway, thank you for your time and I hope to get along with you all!



Welcome to the forum!

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Welcome! I hope you enjoy yourself!

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Welcome to BALG!

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