Half serious question about removing someone

Ok so this isn’t at the moment a pressing matter, but I feel haunted by it. I called for Sallos last night to aid me in the situation regarding myself and my current ex who left me last month and is incredibly bitter towards me. That’s hopefully already taken care of…

…but for over two years of being involved with my ex this one kid who lives the next city away will always be haunting me. He doesn’t try and contact my ex and never has but he has made it apparent he has a thing for her, or at least it seems so, since I met her. They never met in person and don’t really know each other or even talk, it’s just social media likes once in a while. But I’m just sick of seeing him and his name. I can’t even tell if he’s a real threat but he’s caused arguments many times just because like I said I got tired of seeing his name pop up because he’d unfollow my ex then follow again on social media.

So is there a demon who can basically remove him? I don’t want him dead or harmed necessarily not that I care either way but maybe take him out of the picture somehow? Maybe cause him or her to forget the other exists?

Many thanks.

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