Half newcomer here

I am a young new self taught practitioner. I have some competence in qi gong, and I’ve read up on most of the gallery of magicks collection, jason miller’s books, New avatar power ritual etc.

Right now I’m looking for methods to improve and use my own magickal power rather than to evoke any beings.
Funny that the first magickal forum I joined would be a black magick forum since I have only ever worked with angels and gods of the buddhist hindu pantheon.
Would love to learn how to form pacts and work with fae and elemental spirits.

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Welcome :slight_smile:

Hello. I can give you some instruction anytime. You can pm me whenever.

Then Thank you in advance Tholom, I’ll take you up on that offer,forgive me for burdening you.

Welcome @ReverendInsanity

What, exactly, do you practice, and how long have you practiced it? You haven’t really told us anything about your experience beyond reading some books and qi gong.

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Welcome to the forum :wave:t4: You’ll find info about the entities you mentioned here, not just those pertaining to black magick.


Ive been into energy work for around for four years now. But Ive practised mantra ‘magick’/meditation and offerings for my whole life.
Among the types of qigong I practise aside from the basics like: Ba duan jin, yi jin jing and zhan zhuang. I practise zhongxian wu’s shamanic tiger qigong and spring forest qigong. I can already make a chi ball and effective sword finger, that Ive used to curse others or influence the situation or enchant an object.

There are three major experiences Ive had that I’m willing to share.
The first was the death of my grandmother. My mother sobbingly offered milk to a ganesh murti(statue) and the spoon violently rippled before the milk just… slowly vanished into thin air.

Two, the time I missed out on my daily offering of incense. I woke up sometime at 3:?? but only had the courage to open my eyes at exactly 3:33am. My balls ached with a sickly heat, I felt something gripping them. My body felt hollow and weak. As if by intuition, I felt that I needed to burn incense now or else…After lighting the incense I asked “Give my vitality back” (odd phrase I know) and I felt as if something entered through my pores and I felt so refreshed, more healthy than I have in my whole life.
Im sure that it was a succubus that did it, and after a warning I gave, something like tat hasn’t happened again. After than incident, I began to be able to sense qi better.

There an incident with my patron god Shiva before divali this year. It goes like this, a wholesaler was cutting his loses and tried to wholesale his stuff at my village(just outside of the boonies) and was nearly giving away his stuff to earn back some of his losses.
Anyway, he gave me an amulet, incense burner, water from india’s nine holy rivers, 12 krishna bracelets free. What made me realize that it was Shiva behind this however was that he offered us a deal in which he gave us a year surplus amount of incense for free on the condition that I purchase a really expensive shiva lingam.

there are more experiences Ive had, but they are all so minor, intuitive or philsophical that I don’t think I can put them into words here to share.

I have just started diving into angels. Many people on here contact many different entities