Half demons and half angels and other entities


Another what if topic here because I love flooding the General Discussion section with discussion.

So generally when we talk about entities we give them labels such as angels and demons but is it possible for these entities to be hybrids?

Given the fantastical nature of the world we live in just how many of these entities have we not met yet?

And finally do you think more modern entities will start to show themselves. I don’t mean modern in a disrespectful way I just mean that the entities discussed in the forum have a rich history


Maybe. I haven’t met one though


Someone more learned than me can jump in but imo naming an entity as angelic or demonic is largely just referring to the hierarchy they operate in. Hybrid? No idea. Would you consider Belial or Lucifer or other “fallen angels” to be a hybrid angel/demon? Does angelic/demonic refer to the outcome of the work the entities achieve in terms of morality, like cursing vs. healing? As I am sure there are both demons and angels who are capable of either.

Tough question to answer. How long is a piece of string? How many undiscovered species live deep in the Amazon? Is it possible to discover previously unknown aspects of an existing entity? Is it possible to elevate a servitor or egregore to a truly independent godform?

Perhaps, but again, will it simply be through discovering a new aspect of an existing entity? Or will it be through the creation of new egregores and godforms, like Fotamecus or Xa’Turing?