Hair spell recipe , step by step

I have obtained a lock of hair from my target . Can some one give me a domination /lust spell?
Yes , I searched the forums and found bits and pieces of info. Mostly peoples moral opinions which I’m not interested in . Any help appreciated, thank you in advance !
… preferably domination as lust/love is present already.
But open to both .

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You could make your own.


Most of hair spells i kne are latin. Ir hoodoo. Or witchraft. But why u dnt go full evocation,? I mean lots of authors, if u look for bindings, hair is good, for, sex, lust demons, but call a few, and keep it going

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No mean to be rude,

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Can you give me more direction , like a link or title to search

Okay, some plain old folk magick here. This process might sound insane, but I’ve heard of it having been done this way.

Get a square of red fabric, or even a red sheet of paper. The fabric might be better, some kind of red, satiny material, or even red flannel. The reason the fabric is preferable is because you’ll have to sew it, and as you do so, you’re loading the spell with your intentions.

Get some red thread or yarn (embroidery floss will work, too), some black thread or yarn, and some Scotch tape. Take most, but not all, of the target’s hair, and set it aside. This is going to be formed into a “sachet,” or magical envelope, so get enough fabric so you can fold it in fours.

Fold the fabric in half, top to the bottom. Then re-open it. See where the fold mark is? Just below that, tape the target’s hair down on the left side. On the right side, use some of your own hair. Tape it down on the right. Now, you’ll have two locks of hair, side by side.

Sew the target’s hair, no matter how crudely, onto your fabric or paper. A few stitches in the middle of the lock will do. Just anchor it to the fabric. Use any number of stitches (such as 3) that might be meaningful to you. You could even say something while sewing like, “Thrice I bind thee.” On the target’s hair, pull the final thread tight, very hard (but don’t rip the fabric or paper.) You’re binding this person. You’re not playing around. Now, bind your own hair to the fabric with a single thread, but pull your thread gently, loosely. Since the tape should hold the hair on, you’re not sewing to hold it on, but for symbolic binding.

From your hair over to the target’s hair, make a binding stitch with black thread or yarn. This is the domination part. Start from your side first. The domination is going from you to the target, not vice-versa.

Add any ceremonial embellishments to the package you’d like at this point - a seal, sigil, herbs (like High John the Conqueror), oils (Domination, Baum de Commandeur, whatever you’ve got), and any incantations you’d like to pronounce over it. Fire your intent into this weird little package. The energy you’re sending into it is everything. Some people, if working with an entity, will add the seal of that particular spirit into the bundle. Some feel that the entity’s personal sigil will add power, while other magicians feel that to use a sigil in this way would be disrespectful. It’s your call. Also, write a small incantation to say while preparing the package. It can be doggerel rhyme to your best Latin, anything to raise your intentions and energy.

While preparing this sachet, burn a candle that is both black and red, if possible. Optimally, you’d want the target’s initials on the black part, and yours on the red before burning, but if you’re not making your own candle, you can’t really do that. A pure red candle will also do, as would a large red candle, and a smaller black one. This is for both love and domination. Anoint the candle(s) with any oils appropriate to your working before lighting. Burn the candles completely.

Fold up the package into fours, sew it shut, and then try to figure out how you’re going to get this thing onto the target’s property, so it can exert its influence best. Getting it in the house is great; burying in the ground around the house can also work. If you simply can’t manage putting it there, then keep it yourself, occasionally re-anointing the package with an oil appropriate to your intentions. Recharge it with your energy, if you need to.

Take the remnant of the target’s hair that wasn’t sewn into the package, and divide it into three parts. Burn a little bit of it, representing your domination over the target, asserting that you can fully exert your will upon this person, to the point of total destruction. Take another bit of hair, and bind it somehow (sew or tie it together, like a stitch in the center.) Now, take the remaining bit of hair and stuff it into a bottle of oil that mirrors your intentions (Commanding, Domination, etc.) If the target falls out of line, give the oil with the hair in it a hard shake, a spiritual slap, as it were, to make the person straighten up. If the disobedience is more intense, pull the bundle of hair. Pull on the hair as a sharp reminder for the target to obey you.

If you change your mind, this can all be undone by taking the sachet, clipping the binding threads, burning the whole package and any remaining hair, and (traditionally) disposing of the ashes in a running body of water, like a river or creek.

Note: It’s my personal opinion that you don’t necessarily have to buy spiritual oils and powders; you can make your own. If you do, though, use herbs or scents that are appropriate (for instance, lust might be conveyed by patchouli, civet or musk.)

Anyway, it’s not exactly high magick, but it’s a little something you might try.


Thanks , just what I was looking for :smiling_imp::ok_hand:

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Hoodo incorporate bidy items, clthes. But some tradicions offer hair as a sacrifice to, asmodeus, afrodite, venus, etc i say some, some even bond hairs togheter binding, latin spells mostly are comands to bring her to me, demons are ready to lust, u can try yourself, baalpheor, or lucifuge, goetia, etc im not a expert, but if uare beginer, try the sex forum here, or in case u can mix hair, clothes, buried after ritual, invoquin any deity u feel clise to it, tru, any demon. Goddes, angel, spirt, tradicion will accet tat. Tru binding, lust or night stand

How so ?

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You can create your own ritual or spell. Make a sigil or write an incantation or both. You could design a really elaborate ritual with lots of components or make it a simple candle spell. It is also your choice as to what Spirits to involve if any. Probably should stick with those who specialize in domination or lust.


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I find that what works best for me is to make my own magickal formula each time instead of following what works for someone else. Use your intuition. Trust yourself, you will know what to do.

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Ok cool thanks

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