Hails! An honest Introduction

This is one forum I am proud to be on and I will wear by “newbie” badge with pride. I don’t know any of you personally but I am grateful that our chosen paths have united us.

We all have one unique quality that we share. EA Koetting has entered our lives.

I do not know you, but I will share my story.

I first became aware of EA Koetting on Ebay many moons ago. At the time KOF was published. I randomly saw an auction listing. The author was selling signed copies of his book for a very reasonable price. At the time I saved the auction and the seller but I was spending my money investing in vintage skateboards from the early 90’s.

My occult library was not my first priority and I missed an opportunity.

Years later I was on Ebay again and I came across Barry Williams Hale’s book Legion 49. Barry was selling ‘Legion 49’ but he had other auctions as well. I looked and noticed EA Koetting’s works listed as well. At this time I realized my dismal error.
They were now out of print and far out of my tax bracket.

Iaaxar had long sold out and I couldn’t believe how much of a fool I had been for not supporting him years earlier when his workings first entered my life. So I patiently lurked on Iaxxar for a couple years until Evoking Eternity was published and Baneful Magick was re-printed. I cannot tell you the excitement that still surges thru me every time I touch those volumes. Those grimoires would be the first thing along with my artwork I would try to save in the face of impending doom.

While I nervously waited the two years for those infernal texts to finally be mine I spent my time wisely. I aquired books in my price range and I researched EA Koetting. After reading an interview with him I couldn’t resist contacting this compelling mind.

So I went on motherfucking Myspace and sent him a message. Not really expecting a response, in the initial correspondence I explained how years ago I had cone across his books on Ebay and congratulating his success at that time. Being an artist I was fascinated at how far his work had reached in such a short amount of time.

To my astonishment he replied and we talked back and forth about muscle cars. I had a million questions in my mind but we only discussed classic ungodly American Muscle.
I was so pleased with our exchange I never ever contacted him again.

Instead I soaked up his teachings, took my art deeper into the abyss, and shared his genius with other like-minded souls in my immediate vortex. If I had to sum up overall what I’ve applied daily from his many and vast subjects he us ever willing to share with the world…it is this. Focus on your goals, forget the bullshit, and never stop your desired momentum.

I have devoted my beliefs exclusively to my art and the change has been astounding. I put everything else out of my skull. It is not always easy, and yes I waste time doing other things than drawing. However, I dedicate myself entirely to my craft in the way my chosen deities guide my creativity. This is my ritual. Absolute devotion to lines of filth and unfathomable fury.

My enemies storm my gates daily. I fear not their approach. My lust is unquenchable but I care not for the chase. I devote myself to furthering the impending storm to the best of my abilities. That is all. I must admit I not wealthy, my wisdom is decaying each second, and I am just as clueless when it comes to the opposite sex as I’ve ever been in this hollow shell. THEY are always with me and I put my trust in THEM. I feel the ground quake underneath my feet and the bullshit fades away. The glory I’ve tasted honestly has been a blessing and each and everyday I am grateful.

I try to live consistently and constantly with these entities surrounding me. If it wasn’t for EA Koetting their presence would not be as potent and this vessel would never have tasted such delights. I try to habitually ignore my urges and relentlessly unleash the visual inspirations that bombard me. I am aware of the blood pact I’ve accepted and I intend to show my gratitude every step of the way until my imminent return.

Hails to all of you familiar strangers. I can assure you I will not be posting much, there are other more pressing matters to attend to. Rip this life to shreds, scorch the fucking Earth and every moment you travel on this rock be grateful EA Koetting has chosen to share his path with us.

Typos courtesy of Beelzebub himself and this unshakable halo of flies I’ve aquired. FTW.