Hail The Great Duke Sallos

I’ve tried evoking the Great Duke Sallos a few times the past few days and each time it felt he was there but also wasnt at the same time. However this time it felt like a stronger presence but still no answer when i spoke but I asked the Great Duke Sallos to help bring the love back into the woman I plan to marry and just now after 10min in the middle of an argument with her she sent me a calm message actually trying to work things out and i dont know if it was just a coincidence or not but i will praise the Great Duke Sallos for it since it was my first time feeling successful in a way evoking him and I told him I would post my praise on the forum.


You’re going to give him a giant ego if you keep calling him The Great lol.


Lol just giving him respect since it was the first time dealing with him and for working so quickly

Is that even possible? If it is, they’re stalking us while we’re browsing/posting things on the net.