Hail Set

As always, I apologize for my spelling. But English is not my mother tongue. Lately the figure of the snake is very present in my life. Hoping to figure out if it was a specific entity I studied every meaning and myth dealing with snakes. Then I thought: I’m a chaos wizard. Why not make your own paradigm? I made this altar with a white candle, a glass, a cauldron to make a mayombe pole and with the symbol of the God Set which represents the enthesion of the Great Serpent. There are other avatars of the Great Serpent. Like Tiamat, Angizia, Nidhogg, Quetzalcoatl and more. My goal is change, evolution, improvement and obviously become a powerful wizard. I always start with a liturgy, a magic formula taken from the 1981 film Excalibur. The offerings are running water, dragon’s blood incense and cbd. I am open to accepting suggestions to improve and share this little knowledge that I have learned and am creating. It’s the first time for me I’m excited.


I like your craft! Can a two headed serpent represent Set? I immediately associate it with Lucifer and Moloch, the twin gods, or a representation of Chaos, forever exuding manifoldness.

What is your goal with this altar? Connection with the Great Serpent?

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The symbol you see represents the Serpent God from the Conan the Barbarian saga. I chose him because unlike the various oriental and Latin American figures, Set is both a nerd and a western figure at the same time. In the West the snake has no real interpretation that goes beyond the evil meaning. The goal of the altar is twofold: A godform that gives authority to my spells and work when I have to create seals or mojo bags.

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Conan is awesome. The Serpent in those stories is actually supposed to be more than Set, he’s the primal snake, the cold predator of the gods. The heads facing each other, of course, is found in Greek snake staffs (sometimes confused with the medical one) and is also reminiscent of ouroboros.