Hail Prince Sitri! Giving thanks for an awesome time

I’d like to give some thanks to Prince Sitri for delivering some surprising results for a spell I cast. I did not get what I asked for per my specifications – but I DID get some interesting, even kind of eerily relevant results that I could not brush off as failure or coincidence.

Here’s my story:

I go to geek conventions, because I’m geeky like that. It plays a significant enough role in my life that I often seek to use it to my advantage as it is excellent grounds for experimenting with many things. This year I evoked Prince Sitri, and instructed him to bring me a guy to flirt with, make out with, whatever. One of the specifications is that he had to be cosplaying from my series, as my rival/(not so subtle) homosexual romantic interest. Yeah; they get shipped pretty hardcore amongst the fanbase, and it’s that exact dynamic I fucking LOVE. Part of my reasoning for doing so, is that people often choose the characters they relate the most to, and this seemed easy, and a great way to roleplay your way into seducing someone FAST. To cover as much ground as possible, I of course listed all of the qualities I’d like this person to naturally possess, as well as everything else that seemed important and necessary to what I wanted out of the experience.

Sitri showed up FAST. Strong as HELL. When I had concluded the spell, I actually heard him speak to me, and I can’t always hear spirits. He said very clearly, “I have heard you, I will do as you command. I will bring him to you.” This was an amazing first time evocation with him for me, and I was kind of blown away at just how incredibly powerful everything that I experienced was.

Well, con time came around, my costume was immaculate and badass; I went to all the events centered around my series, having fun, being detached, but still keeping kind of an eye out for anyone dressed as that character. And then there he was! He was on par with my level of craftsmanship, and looked the part in every way. I quickly broke the ice and laid down the charm and the moves, treading that artful line of in-and-out of character flirtation.

Haha. That didn’t exactly go down very well. He was glaring at me across the room for the rest of the time we were in events together – which would have been fucking hot if he took it any further – but he put up a wall between us and I had nothing to work with. I gave up trying to play with him pretty fast, as he seemed more than just a little not interested in interacting with me. It was a bit disappointing, but I had a lot more going on and was having a good time flirting with a bunch of other attractive cosplayers to care that much over being rejected by my intended target.

What is really funny about all of this, is that a girl stepped forward, and grabbed me, excitedly exclaiming the name of my character, and was perfectly in-character (and sexy as hell, btw). She had come late, and was unaware of the other series events still remaining for the day. I told her she had missed some, but gave her the times and locations of where the others would be held. She assured me she would be there, and I went back to whatever it was I was on my way to.

Out of having nothing more to do than kill time waiting, I showed up early to the location, only to find that girl was already there, waiting, herself. She locked eyes with me the instant I arrived and smiled so big and blushed so hard. I thought it was pretty adorable so I teased her and bantered back and forth in-character for a little while, until the event began. Before the event ended, she asked for my number, and somehow wove herself into the plans my group of friends had for the night. They embraced her quickly as one of us, and she tagged along as we partied the night away.

Later that night we went to one of the dances at the convention, and she asked me to dance with her. I pulled her deep into the crowd, to the center of the floor and we danced until we no longer could. I had observed the pattern on the carpet floor, that there were these large outlines of circles – the exact size of a ritual circle. So I took her, pulled her to the floor with me, cast a circle around us, gathering up all the wild energy around us, and sort of claimed that space, keeping out all the drunk/high rave kids from this little world I had built for us. There, we sat, leaning against each other, talking into each other’s ear over the loud music – about magic and what is possible as gods. The tension between us built up, and it wasn’t long before she grabbed me tight and started making out passionately with me there on the floor, in the dark – no one disturbing our sacred space. It was awesome. I set it all up, and she always caved and made all the moves I withheld.

This girl followed me around for the rest of the convention. I hadn’t planned on this outcome. I’m mostly into other guys right now, and while this was charming and adorable, it really wasn’t what I had asked for. Interesting things to note, however: the guy seemed to genuinely despise me, almost in a completely exaggerated way given our interaction was in reality quite short – we were “rivals” after all! and this girl, her character actually ends up becoming the wife of the character I cosplayed as! And, damn. This girl was into me. I always get a lot of attention at cons; people come up to me, tell me how attractive, talented, whatever they think I am, but no one has ever come onto me so strongly before. Making out with a girl on the dance floor is a first for me, and attraction never goes that far. So, this is totally notable.

Ha. And not only that – she freaked out when she found out I was into LHP occultism, and told me excitedly how she was too, and had never met anyone else who was into that. Seriously you guys? How often does that happen? Over the weekend we found out that we had so many things, almost eerily, in common. It was crazy. And because of meeting her, my friends and I met some really cool people and now our con family is bigger because we all bonded and had such a good time together.

It was a lot of fun and was hot and everything, but now that it’s over I don’t know if she and I are going to pursue this further. This feels like a one time thing for us. What I love about it is that part of it was based on roleplaying – and I adore that bit of uncertainty that comes from not knowing how much of it was just a game. Sitri is the man for crazy one-night stands and hard partying. That’s exactly what happened. I still want the things I had originally asked for from him… But there are a lot more cons, and a lot more magic and technique refining I can do. I say, bring it!

So, guys, call Sitri. You’ll get some cool experiences, for sure.
I may not have gotten 100% what I asked for, but I feel like he played around with what was available to make sure I walked away from this feeling successful and going home with some rad memories. Telling you guys all about this was part of what he asked from me, and I’m happy to share the details – at least for a limited time. Given her interest, it’s not impossible for her to discover this forum, and I’ll probably have this taken down once it gets some good exposure.

Feel free to share your Sitri stories here if you want to. I’m definitely going to be calling on him in the future, and I recommend you guys try it out.


This is so cool - you took the internal subjective reality of that universe, infused it with your own desires, and made it happen in “reality”! :smiley:

Lots of people have amazing sauccesses but IMO yours is one of THE coolest for that reason, damn… :slight_smile:

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Okay you guys! Things are getting REALLY interesting! A friend of mine stepped forward and gave me a link to that guy’s social media, and wow. Just wow! I seem to have made a really big impression on him, and most certainly not entirely a /bad/ one! I think I’m going to go drop him a line. ;D

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