Hail Jove!


I have been working a lot with my Jupiter Talisman and have been reaping the rewards. I have had increases to both my health and wealth thanks to the talisman and the connection to the Sphere of Jupiter it provides. This post is one of the ways I am saying thank you.

My ancestors have been sharing magic with me in my dreams and have given me techniques on how to work the talisman. (Thanks to Granchemin for helping me with getting to know my ancestors better)

Jupiter has been a wonderful planet to work with.

For anyone who wants to get the favor of Jove I recommend lighting a tea light for him every Thursday on a hour of Jupiter. Repeat the Orphic Hymn to Jupiter three times and then state your petition.

Be sure to be thankful and offer a bit of whiskey.

So glad to read this. I’m working Jupiter’s sphere this week, too, though the results have been taking shape in ways that I wouldn’t have attributed to Jupiter. How did you create and charge your talisman?

Which Orphic hymn?

I think I posted an earlier thread titled “Hail Jove” (I get no points for originality) where I detailed the creation method. In a nutshell I conjured the Archangel, Intelligence, and Spirit of Jupiter and asked them to concentrate and empower the talisman.

@vprotas, the Orphic Hymn to Jupiter.

Doing a keyword search for “hail jove” brought me only your two posts in this thread, but scouring through your posts got me this:

Is this the thread you’re referring to? If so, very nice.

Yes, that’s the one. See I knew it had “Hail Jove” somewhere…

Something made me think about this thread and share something.

I’ve been working Jupiter’s sphere, as I stated earlier. Now here’s the strange and unexpected thing: It’s enlightenment from Saturn that has been helping me understand and materialize the prosperity gifted by Jupiter.

To anyone who looks to Jupiter for prosperity, wealth, increase, and the like, I would recommend that you not overlook the complementary benefits that are offered by Saturn. The Greater Benefic and the Greater Malefic can work together in your favor.

Just wanted to chime in and mention that Mathers re-cast Saturn as negative in the Golden Dawn version of the Key of Solomon by omitting numerous passages and talismans. Saturn is good for healing, fighting off destructive weather patterns, and bringing rain and wind. Most manuscript versions of the KOS that I’ve see portray Saturn as very helpful and downplay the malevolent stuff.

I thought I’d “discovered” the rain thing myself. Then noticed the page-long commentary about it in the Saturn section of the manuscript. (Woops) I need to contrast it against the Moon. Sometimes I get rain within the hour and it keeps going til I turn it off, like throwing a switch. Other times, it all gets concentrated into a chain of short, big thunderstorms that emerge in the forecast but take a day or two to arrive. Not sure what the variables are.

Anyway, going through Saturn (fascinating, but not exactly “fun”) - would definitely prepare you for Jupiter because of the way it pulls up all your desires and makes you weigh and face them. There’s not bullshitting Saturn. All the sickness and falseness comes right to the surface. And I went right to the hospital. And the drugs I was stuck on kept me right where I was really easy to communicate with for weeks. Learned a lot of crazy shit, though.

Exactly, Saturn is the Old King, Jupiter the Ruling King, and Sol the Rising King. In the Orphic Hymn to Jupiter it states that Jupiter is a Saturnarin King. I can not say this for sure, but I always thought that it was pointing out Jupiter’s Pedigree as a descendant of Saturn, mythologicaly speaking.

Saturn is not bad at all, like Sulitian pointed out, he is old and wise and will kick your butt. However he is the old wise man who teaches though experience and tribulation.

Like Mr. Miyagi in a way. Saturn will force you to work for things without explaining how it will benefit you. Only after you have had the chance to use the gift you gain in Saturn’s Sphere do you realize their worth.

See, I remember seeing that in the Orphic Hymn and thinking that it must have been a typo or mistranslation. Jupiter, Saturnian King? Weird. But your theory puts it into clearer context.

So if Jupiter, mythologically speaking, is the son of Saturn, then who is Sol in this lineage? In Greco-Roman myth, Sol/Helios isn’t a son of Jupiter/Zeus, and I don’t think he takes the kingship after Jupiter/Zeus.

And in the Orphic Hymn to Saturn, Saturn is referred to as “Husband to Rhea, and Prometheus wife…” whaaaat?

Back to Saturn (and leading to Jove again). People tend to associate Jupiter with prosperity and wealth, and Saturn with binding, limitations, and death. So Saturn may not be among the first that come to mind when people want good things to happen. But if you think about it, when you embrace the influences of Saturn - buckling down, working hard, meeting deadlines, being resourceful within your limitations - you’ll eventually find yourself in prosperity and wealth, i.e. the influence of Jupiter. So in that context, get through the sphere of Saturn and you’ll come out in the sphere of Jupiter.

Well, Saturn is the miracle planet and the start/recycle point for generation, destruction, and transformation. So going through Saturn removes a lot of limitations. If you guys really want to go into WHAT the planets are, maybe we can start a whole long thread on it.

To answer somebody’s question from earlier that got ignored - Saturn’s the first link/node in what’s called the “Golden Chain” - this is the “refresh sequence” that generates and regenerates our universe from moment to moment. The sequence from top to bottom is –


The other planets are known about and acknowledged to exert an influence, but aren’t considered part of this sequence. Ancient civilizations were aware of distant stars and constellations we only very recently developed equipment sensitive enough to detect, and if you think “scientists” are responsible for finding and naming celestial bodies, you haven’t been paying close attention.

On to the Saturn/Jupiter/Sol issue – good old Alpha-Omega. I’m not an expert on Greek and Egyptian mystery religions, but it usually goes like this - the creator god (Saturn) - who is all powerful but chaotic and has no use for structure or permanence, and tends to devour his “children,” gets usurped by his son who reigns as a king and asserts law, order, and structure, bringing order and prosperity to his empire, but winds up getting murdered (Mars is ALL about assertion of individual identity and power against the common mass) because power and freedom resent being bottle-necked by rules and authorities. He’s put back together (by Venus) in the underworld, which restores the Saturnian magical powers he repressed while alive, and turns him into the Great Magician (Mercury - another miracle planet). The Magician reincarnates into his Sun/Son who is more individualistic and self-expressive - the “best” of both planets. He’s got Jupiter’s sense of structure, development, and assertiveness, but Saturn’s passionate hatred of restriction and drive to create, transform, and destroy.