Hail in spell or ritual work

It’s hailing and I collected three hailstones. Any ideas on what I can use them for? If I don’t get hit by the tornado that’s forming that is lol

Not joking a tornado is forming nearby and they said to take cover when I was collecting or else I’d have more hailstones.

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Good news the tornado missed us!


I am glad you are safe.

Well when I think of hail and the properties it would have…

It comes down fast and hard and usually during times when it’s warm, but there is a cold front moving in- thusly the reason it often seen at the same time as tornado’s which are created when cold air hits warmer air, causing the air to make the wind tunnel/funnel shape and off it goes.

It can work in reverse too, hot air moving in quickly out of nowhere, if I remember correctly, this is the reason fall and spring are the most common times, with summer when thunderstorms move in abruptly cooling the air super fast, also being a common cause.

Roughly speaking in simple terms that I understand and from what I remember of course and not scientifically.

This tells me that hail or debris from a tornado could be used be reversing situations- when you want them to go from hot to cold and visa versa.

Then to continue on to hail specifically, well it’s ice right? Or at least it comes down as ice then melts.

So it would have the properties of ice and water, making it good for freezing situations imop. Situations that you needed to come down on hard and fast or abruptly with no warning or planning would be good.

Naturally I am sure there are many others uses, these are just the ones that come to my mind atm :slight_smile:

You could probably really dial in on the properties you can use with knowledge of the storm- if there was lightening as well there might there be residual energy or if the storm uprooted a lot of trees or caused a lot of damage, it might be well used in baneful work.

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