Hail Duke Sallos <3

I released Sallos last night after working with him for a month to gain fidelity from my person of interest- L.
I had a dream last night with Sallos reprimanding me for not doing his rituals with 100% attention.Sallos was a bit furious and burnt our contract, told me that he took away 15 years of my life and that I will die on 2039. My mentor told me that he could be telling me that L is murderous.

Sallos told me how L and his ex met. The ex told me that L was physically abusive. L then appeared and took me away from her. We went home and after which, L brought me to a hospital, signed some papers for me, and sent me into a room for a surgery. I then saw him leaving me.

In the dream, I saw L looking older and had love handles too.

Anyway, thank you Sallos for the heads up. It has been a great experience:)

P.S. Sallos appeared to be sitting down, surrounded by a green fog and with sparky eyes.

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hello :blush: it’s amazing !!

Prince Sallos is so sweet :heartpulse: his energy is amazing and he himself :wink: