Hail Duke Agares

Hail Duke Agares! I petitioned him to make my target think warmly of me and after nearly a month of not talking to each other, he made her text me in 2 days! I was blown away by how well he works.

If you need reconciliation, he’s the go to person! I sincerely thank him for his work :heart:


If I’m not mistaken this should go in the thanking spirits thread. I don’t think some members know we have a thank spirit thread which is understandable, I recommend you post this here to keep the forum from being cluttered:

I congratulate your success! :+1:

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Oh, I hadn’t seen that one, thank you for showing us the way, Stocking-chan

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Thank you! Sorry that I didn’t know. I’m gonna delete the post here

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Nah, your fine. It happens =)

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I know it’s 3 years later but these kinds of posts are exactly what I need!!! thank you :smiley:
I’d like to try as well <3