Hail Bune!

Hi everyone, so this is just an appreciation post to Bune because what happened in the last few days was amazing. So here it goes. I work in a money transfer and bills collection company and the past few months were kinda hard. We used to make really good money from extras and tips and all that, now its rare. Anyways heard about Bune and was willing to to evoke him but kinda settled to only meditation on his sigil and repeating his enn (noob i know). At a moment I felt complete silence and was aware of something. But was confused whether this was him or my mind wanting to be him. Made my intent clear and promised recognition in return and went on my business. Forward a couple days later I made a little less than 400$ from almost nothing. It was really astonishing as in my line of work its super rare to make that kind of money in a matter of 2 days… I then realised it was definitely Bune giving me a hand out here ans was really happy because he presented good opportunities for me. So even though I didnt do shit but the rookie stuff, it still worked and he helped me out so all hail and praise to Bune! He’s Great!


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