Hail Bune! A Bune appreciation post

Hello everybody bothering to read this!

This post is dedicated to officially thank Bune. I have been working with Bune ever since last year - primarily for business purposes. I can guarantee you that Bune is amazing to work with and can create results far beyond your momentary imagination.
Running multiple online businesses Bune has realy helped me to create an independent income without having to follow someone else’s rules.

Here is a list of offerings that were used during evocations and / or spells:
Own blood on the sigil
Caramel Pudding

Money spells and evocations both work wonders with Bune.
Bune is a very nice, friendly, patient and loving Spirit (from my experience) that is also helping you to remove mental and emotional boundaries to achieve the results you have asked for.
Bune is truly amazing not only for the outcomes but also for the calm, friendly and intimate ways of approaching one.

Hail Mighty Bune & Thank You!


Brilkiant, thanks for sharing! :+1:



  1. Can i say the ritual in my language. Im not English.
  2. Can i deaw the circle with salt?
  3. The sigil should be in circle or triangle?

I either translate English conjurations in my language (Italian), use those already in Italian or call entities by name/enn, etc.
Drawing the circle with salt is one of the possibilities; you may have a Spirit’s sigil with you, place it inside the triangle or both.


Thanks So much. can you summon them?

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I’d say yes, because I felt an handful of different vibes according to the spirits called, sometimes a sensation of a strong force, and also found confirmations for some “channelings” received.

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Sorry for much question s because in my country we haven’t the source of magick. I want summon duke bune.

Here FOBO - The Goetia: The Lesser Key of Solomon the King (page 4/8) at number 26 there are 2 versions of Bune’s sigil, draw one of them and look at it relaxing your eyes. When you see the sigil change, or feel a presence etc. call the spirit (vibrating the name, or repeating Bune’s enn: “Wehl melan avage Bune Tasa” then state your request, thank and politely dismiss or ask questions and get ready to write the answers on paper or PC (trusting that what you feel in your mind is exactly what Bune is answering, and anyway practice will make perfect).


Can duke understand my language? And which one censers for him?

Yes, spirits either understand every language or their consciousness is at a level above (or underneath, depending on the point of view) languages.
Incenses? A generic one for “negative” entities (in a polarity sense, and that includes Goetics) is composed of frankincense possibly of black color, cloves, camphor, opium or poppy, and an ingredient of Mars such as dragon’s blood.


Thanks so much. An which direction i stand?

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A while ago I analized the characteristics of some Spirits in order to find their planets. I believe that the one of Bune is Saturn, so you’d face North.


Thak you so much for your answers my friend🌹

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Hi @fapa79 i try to evocation for 3 time but i can’t get anything. What do you think about?

Some suggestions: get a blue, indigo or violet lightbulb to illuminate the room. Structure Bune into the incense smoke, that is, either let the spirit’s image come to your mind or visualize a dragon, a humanoid form… Don’t look at the smoke expecting that it takes certain shapes; it’s a trance thing (not a “sleepy” trance, btw) and not solely objective. Also I forgot, welcome the entity. At the beginning of the ritual invoke the elements: earth/Gnomes/Ghob from north or northwest; fire/Salamander/Djin from south or southeast; water/Undines/Nicksa from southwest; and air/Sylph/Paralda from east or northeast.
Also, though, if you already stated a request you may consider it heard and fulfilled; a principle is that of leaving all in the spirit’s hands and forget about it.


Thank you. Is the third eye important fir this ritual?

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Yes. You may profit from this https://astraldynamics.com/primer/ (although the third eye further awakens by also, simply, practicing what involves it), reading tarot, runes or scrying, and from working on the chakras (mantras: “lam-vam-ram-yam-ham”… For Ajina “om” and “ksam”, for Sahasrara “ah” and “aum”).


Thank you so much🌹

@fapa79 droppin’ knowledge up in here.
@Homayoon drinkin’ knowledge up in here.

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