Hail Agares - What’s a good offering for Agares

I am amazed by Agares miraculous work on bringing back a homeless runaway to safe haven! The runaway person is doing good.

Now to repay his miracle work, does Agares take cigarettes as an offering?

How do i offer the cigarettes to Agares?

What does Agares want?


Ask them.

Evoke him using your chosen method of evocation and when you sense/see Agares, ask what they would like as an offering. I’ve found spirits LOVE being asked what they want rather than having what some book said they like forced on them.

Using this method, I found Lilith wanted doughnuts and a piece of sandalwood, Naberius wanted a mango scented candle, Furcalor likes to talk and has a great sense of humour even if he does have a darker energy around him and Astaroth wanted a gift of my choosing every night for 7 days.

Always ask your spirits what they like. They like that you put in the effort to ask and will return the favour for you when you ask them for help.


I have worked with Lord Agares, for his specialty in helping with projects.
Before i had a burning desire to work with this spirit about my coding projects. Since i read he can help with projects or project funding. Also protection. So i summoned Lord Agares to assist me with my current project and also bring me more project ideas that generate income. Also asked Lord Agares for solutions whenever i got stuck, and for sure he assisted me. Now my not only do i have one projects, but also about 5 more effective projects ideas. And also have some clients interested in buying some of them. For the protection part, i will ask her to protect my projects from shady project idea stealers #pirates or piracy. I recommend Lord Agares for projects of all sorts or elevating your project or getting project ideas, especially projects related with protection, languages, traveliing, cultural type …
Ave Lord Agares (#My current Patron of Projects)

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