Hagonel for a Love?

Just for the records I did not try this yet, and came here seeking a little advice on how accurate the citation and casting can be since there’s only one mention for Hagonel all along the forum which states that he supports Veganism, while the ritual required a raw chicken wing and a blood offering. Weird…

Doing some digging around, I noticed a slightly moderated version of this spell, that is in no way black or even grey magic. But has the same evocation, chant and actual ingredients. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Now the spell is to stop a partner from completely walking away, helps you to reconnect with your partner no matter what has happened to bring you to this point, and it states that it can help you eradicate the whole problem from its roots.

The whole spell though for your kind reviews of it.

  • 1 Raw Chicken Wing
  • Your Picture
  • Your Partner’s Picture
  • 1 Small brown paper bag
  • 1 Black Pen
  • 1 Black Candle
  • 5 or more Rusty Nails
  • Matches (wooden)
  • Hagonel Sigil

The casting:
No specific day - but my wild guess for this would be a friday or a waxing mood

  1. Carve your name with the Nail on the candle
  2. Carve your partner’s name on the other side of it.
  3. Prick your left hand’s index’s fingertip and drip 3 drops onto the top of the names
  4. Light the candle while focusing on your energy, then start drawing Hagonel Sigil onto the brown paper bag with the Marker



  1. Place both pictures facing each-other on top of the Sigil.
  2. Light the pink Candle with the wooden matches.
  3. Use the candle to drip 13 wax drops onto the names while focusing on the problem you want gone and how Hagonel will eradicte them.
  4. Add the chicken wing on top and warp up the paper bag, folding it into a small package.
  5. Close and seal the package with a string.
  6. Snuff out the candle and chant:
    Hemiki Gagiki Bustako To Po Co
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Well. I spent about two hours scouting the net for info on Prince Hagonel with little success. I mean I located a few grim pores covering basic heirechy of angels he’s attributed to but not much else.

Since my curiosity is piqued I guess I’ll do what I normally do and jump in with both feet first and see what this entity has to say about themselves.

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Keep me updated!
I’m seriously eager to figure this out and I feel so drawn to Him no idea why!

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Well. I did your ritual here with a couple of tweaks.

I figured the chicken was meant as an offer so I choose something else. I used note cards for the sigil and for my name/ instead of a picture me.

Otherwise I summoned Hagonel, letting him know I was curious about him and this spell and the research is done. It somehow was completely odd (as in it really stood out/ something I really noticed) was he came with an African American voice.

I wasn’t able to really find any details about how he appears but it was the first time I ever noted a particular accent or culture during evocation.

I proceeded to follow the steps of the spell after I concluded I kept hearing the name zepar.

I’m not super surprised. Somehow I had a feeling that Hagonel is capable of dealing with love but prefers not to. I think he was recommending zepar for the job, which is ironic because thst is one I’ve avoided calling because of some of the things I’ve read/ I’m a chick, etc.

All in all. Call him up and see where it goes. I’m certainly curious, and would love to hear your experience.


I’m definitely pulling this one up and doing it tonight!!
Awesome experience. I’ll update you what will happen!
I knew coming across him wasn’t a coincidence.

Good luck and please come back and update!!! :hugs: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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The spell you posted reminded me of this:

Some similarities there. What y’alls think? The person that posted this never elaborated on where it came from… @NICOLE1

Edit: tagged them in case they ever get back on


It looks 90% the same.
I couldn’t try it tonight but I’ll give it a go tomorrow.
Or it’ll be midnight of friday the 13 since in the 14 it’ll be a full moon. So harvesting both energies as well.

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I think that’s an awesome idea, be sure to report back here with results :blush:
I’ll likely be trying it myself in the upcoming days…

Good luck :slight_smile:

Have you tried it?