Had something huge and unexpected show up mid ritual

I was working on some of my multi day GOM spells the other night and right as I got to the end I felt an enormous presence show up behind me and observe. The entire atmosphere felt ridiculously intense and my emotions spiked a bit. I collected myself, focused on the feeling required for the ritual and finished it. I looked back and could definitely feel something watching me…

Odd that I was doing the protection rite from Magickal Protection (for the 2nd time, 1st time saved me from a car accident when a Subaru almost broadsided me… Thanos was actually right and that’s the criteria for how I measure who should go. Anyway.)

This is odd to me. I’ve had a handful of spiritual experiences that shook me to my core. Even being very very serious about magick since I started I haven’t felt contact like that until now. I don’t think it was the genius spirits I was calling upon either. It felt different.

I know the sense of contact means absolutely nothing in terms of getting results (which is where I shine. I’m still amazed this is all possible but it’s indeed “hacking the simulation”)

What’s up with this though? I performed a banishing as I always do and still had a spirit show up strong enough my hair stood on end. Full body goosebumps. It was right as I was about to say “Marnes Genius of the Discernment of Spirits. Grant me the power to protect myself” that I felt the entire room change. I’ve had spirits show up before but this was a loud and proud “I’m here and you’re going to know it.”

I recently joined the Ordo Divitas which is an order on Discord. I glanced at the sigil of Duke Divithias right as I started my wealth ritual and said “Duke Divithias, oversee this working. Thank you friend” and then carried on with it. I was really tired but I went with it.

It wasn’t until the very end of my 2nd working which was the protection rite that this happened. What do you guys think? The first time I did this back in 2017 I had a dream of something trying to get into my body. My arm felt electrified and I had the sense something was trying to possess me. Right after the ritual began, maybe 3 or 4 days into it. I was on day 9 when this one happened.

“Strange things are afoot at the Circle K, Ted.”


It sounds like to me one of two things. You lit up bright enough on astral too really draw something big and it showed up out of curiosity.

Or through the genius spirit it either created an external personification of your will and the spell itself coming to life or it reached out and grabbed a being to help and it showed up for the interview basically.


Very cool. Out of all the rituals I’ve performed, that one has some of the strangest side effects.

With the car accident avoidance I basically just remember going “oh no, they’re going to hit me…” and then looking down and watching my hands do this crazy Jason Bourne steering wheel action, pulling the E-brake, hearing my tires screech and then looking up and finding myself in my lane unharmed. There was even oncoming traffic and the idiot was behind me completely oblivious with circus music playing in their head. I definitely wasn’t in control at the time, something else grabbed the controller, used some ridiculous action movie driving, and then left just as soon as it showed up.

I’m guessing you’re probably right. It felt very very very intense and hits my top 3 “sense of contact” experiences for sure