Had a vision of something bad happening to ME

I had this vision just a moment ago. And this bothers me the most because this concerns me… something bad is going to happen to me. I have seen it. It Will/MUST happen.

My visions come true so accurately, it scares the hell out of me. I have never bothered to change them because nothing bad was going to happen to me… not this bad at least that I have seen.

I want to change this. But how can i change something that WILL happen in the future.

Please, ANYONE help me out.


With a ritual to counteract that.


So What ? Where? Why? When? And How? I like asking those 5 questions. It’s like 5 Fingers to an LHP Hand.



Are you getting any kind of smell/taste/sound before these visions?
Any weird sensations in your limbs at all?
How often are you getting them a day?
Are you getting them outside of ritual working?
After you’ve had a vision do you feel a bit spaced out, woozy at all?
Has anyone said that you’ve gone absent for a moment?
You are mid conversation and you are not there for a moment?


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I don’t wish to say it here… I can pm you

Ok. You seem to be really shaken up, but I am willing to listen.

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No i haven’t noticed any weird smell/taste/sound. May be there is something, but I’m not focused when I get the vision.

Not very often, it’s like maybe once or two in a month… sometimes I don’t get them for many months. It’s only these days that I am getting them daily.

Yes, out of ritual working, like anytime. It doesn’t matter what I am doing or where I am. It just happens.

I feel weak. Nauseous/almost like I’m about to faint plus headaches… my eyes get watery too

Yes I go absent a lot, many times during a conversation.


Really tired and headachey afterwards?


I have visions about once or twice a month since puberty. I feel the way you describe too. I’ve been having more visions and Lucid and prophetic dreams more often since I first made contact with Azazel.

Do you write them down as soon as you can after words after you have calmed down Calm down and try to look at them objectively. That helps me.


There’s always a cause behind every effect

An easy way would be to induce that same vision at will so as to find out the ‘cause’ of that bad thing.

When you know the cause - It should be very easy to cancel out the effects “so far” the “cause” hasn’t already played out


I just replay the vision again in my mind and try to look at it objectively as if I was watching a movie and critiquing it. Who are the people in it? Are they literally representing real people I know or are they charactures? do they stand for something else? How do i feel about that person? Where were we? We were in my house. Does this mean something bad will happen to us in my house or does this house represent my mind and this is really telling me about our relationship etc.


After we talked about it, just wanted to add that you never tried to change things in the past - but you are moving into power now, steadily, so the old rules don’t apply, any more than the rules of infancy can or should apply to an adult.

You have the power to foresee things, this comes with the choice - accepting the probablistic outcomes “reality” hands you, or, becoming the creator of your own reality.

Keep me posted via PM, I’m very busy right now but if there’s anything I can do to assist, I will. :thumbsup:

Oh and as a final note, this forum has a whole section for divination, a course, there are dozens of books and websites about this but you - you got that gift naturally, installed with the package when you were born.

This is no small thing, and although it’s correct to focus on this vision and averting it from manifesting as a priority, you have a real gift here, so don’t forget that. :thumbsup:


@Ravenxoxo If you need help messing with time PM me. Hope you can see Spirits. It will help greatly.

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It doesn’t have to come to fulfilment. The future is in flux, you should be able to manifest something else. If you haven’t yet don’t worry desperation an awesome motivator or roll with the help as other have outlined.

Best wishes


Thank you for being so kind.
You are probably right. The visions I had in the past I thought of as some sort of destiny or fate. Something that must happen.
Maybe I can change this, I will try my best and ask you for help if I would need it.
Again, Thanks :slight_smile:


Girl you have a gift ! You should look into working with Apollo, he can help you control and expand them.