Had a strange dream

Lol I had a dream E.A. was my roomate and all kinds of weird shit was happening. Not really much to it, but I woke up like wtf E.A. was my roomate?

I had a somewhat similar dream.

He doesn’t take personal emails as far as I know, and he’d probably think it a bit strange to discuss somebodies dream just cause he was in it haha :stuck_out_tongue:

Interesting message… I have quite a bit to say about that. Expect a response soon.

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I am not kidding on this. I have had EA show up in a number of my dreams. I can think of four times when he showed up. The last time, happened very recently where I was in a floating like state and I looked down. I saw a table with a candle in the center and EA, Nate Bales, and two other people, a woman and someone else I did not identity, were saying something. It was so fast. Have no idea if it was a seance but it was pretty interesting.

In two other instances EA said something directly to me, in one instance he was teaching some class, I looked in and saw him leave and go up an escalator, he looked back at me and said “when your serious about your ascent then contact me”

Another time, I was dreaming, the dream suddenly stopped, everything went black and I specifically herd EA say “sometimes I like to focus on the dream at hand afterwards and learn the meaning”

The fourth time was he was outside on a balcony looking in my apartment.

E.A. dreams, well, I finally had one (or, three) of these and it was a stunner with some real-world consequences, so I think it’s worth sharing.

First of all, I’m normally awake working (including on magick and hobbies) at nights and sleep during the day, and because the rest of the world doesn’t function this way, I often do polyphasic sleeping (2 – 4 hour segments) so I can do this and also be available for the everyday world’s daytime stuff.

On Monday this week I’d been waiting for the info about this stuff in the morning, and then on Tuesday I had to do some related research and e-mailing throughout the morning, and then had an important meeting in the afternoon followed by MORE research, so by the morning of Weds (11th March) I’d done a run of 2 & 4 hour sleep periods, was running a major sleep deficit, and had planned to sleep from 8am to 6pm to catch up, which is a totally normal kind of pattern for me. My partner wasn’t here, just me and the dog.

I fell asleep as planned around eight, and then where this starts is I was having a dream where E.A. and his girlfriend were working on adapting a former business space in central London, converting it into a home, and this part of the dream was a lot like the TV show Grand Designs (which I love) where people adapt some weird non-residential old buildings into lovely homes, and there was a small group of people there who were being given a tour of this conversion, and I was in the group, being shown round by someone else.

In the dream, I knew E.A. was someone I’d heard of, but that was about it.

The tour guide (a bit like the guy from the TV show) was talking about the use of colours and stuff, and I was paying attention because I’m quite interested in design and lighting, and then I spotted a small bed, like a day-bed or a child’s bed, over in the bottom left of this big room, which was being converted into seperate areas like people do with a warehouse loft-conversion.

For some reason I was suddenly tired and got onto this bed, and fell asleep (in the dream) and E.A. came over and told me to get up and move along, and when I was kind of bemused he kept saying I had to get up now, had to get up and get out of bed.

He didn’t seem too annoyed at a complete stranger falling asleep in his house, but he was really insistant, repeating this stuff about how I had to get up, had to get out of bed.

In the dream it made perfect sense for me to sleep when I needed it, no matter where, so I was really confused about why he was bugging me.

At this stage I woke up for real, noticed the clock said 09:36, went “wtf subconscious?!” – lay back down, and fell asleep again.

I was back in this space, and this time the conversion work began reversing itself like film rewinding for some reason, making the whole building look decayed and neglected, and also E.A. was shoving me along, out of this bed and into a corner and kind of pushing me over and over again, saying get up, get out, it felt like time was running backwards somehow in a bad way, and I was half aware of calling on my spirit protection to make him stop - this was a lot less coherent than the first bit and I don’t remember any real motives on my part except the desire to get some protection round me, so I did.

In the dream, everything went black, and then again I woke up briefly, but didn’t even bother checking the time, and went back to sleep.

The next thing I’m dreaming (just) that I’m in my own bed, with the exact same duvet (brushed cotton cover we use in winter) on the bed, lying in the exact position I really was, with my head kind of over into the centre of my honey’s side of the bed.

Suddenly E.A.'s leaning over me from my side of the bed and yelled WAKE UP into my right ear, looking a lot more serious and a lot more angry, even though this time I was at least in my own bed.

I looked up and saw him then woke up for real, seeing it was 09:40, and I just did NOT want to go to sleep again because I felt like this was somehow serious and didn’t want a pissed-off E.A./whatever getting even more annoyed at me for going back to sleep.

It was actually kind of scary, not from a supernatural point of view but that he kept telling me to wake up (when I was very obviously in legit need of sleep) and was looking extremely annoyed, it felt like there was still a kind of angry presence in the room, so I was a bit freaked out by it and didn’t for one moment want to find out what would happen if I ignored it and went to sleep again.

I couldn’t figure out wtf this was all about but I figured I needed to check everything including this forum, so I checked all the phones and booted my computer, and while that was starting up, I went to check the post in the hallway.

On the doormat was a letter which, not to get into too much detail, was to do with the end of the tax year and start of the new one – and which needed urgent, as in right away, action in terms of checking on paperwork with some other people, with the potential for a four-figure sum being lost if this wasn’t dealt with in time.

So, I got that done and everything sorted out, and then went back to sleep, and didn’t have any other weird dreams after that.

If I’d slept, as I planned (and needed) right through to 6pm, that would have been the end of the business day for Weds, I’d have missed the post collection (last one in our area’s at 5.30pm), I’d have missed the people I needed to check in with too because they’d be at home by then and I don’t have their numbers, and the next time I could have taken action would’ve been Thursday morning, meaning the papers risked not arriving until Monday next week, so there would have been a significant delay just from the Wednesday business hours slipping away as I slept.

I would also have spent all tonight (my daytime) stressing out my mind about the whole thing. :confused:

As it was, I was able to get this sorted straight away, sort out the paperwork needed, and avoid any potential at all for problems due to delays.

So, thanks E.A., astral dream version or aspect of my own subconscious, that was one absolutely shit-hot intervention that really helped us out, probably even saved us some money and a lot of aggravation!!

Also, pretty funny, and cool, I think. :slight_smile:

In addition to that, next time you might want to check your numbers in your local lotto system. The numbers for March 11 from your dream would be the base number of 936. From that you get 9 – 3 – 30 -36 and 6. If you add that you get 18
You were planning on 10 hrs sleep but because you got up at 9:36 you had 8:24 left which when add you get 8+2+4 = 5. So 18 + 5 = 23

So you now have lotto numbers 9 -3 – 30 -36 – 6 – 5 – 23. Then 9:40 = 4 So back to your base number of 18 + 4 = 22. So your final lotto numbers you could have played for March 11 are 9 – 3 – 30 – 36 – 6 – 5 – 23 – 4 – 22. Maybe you miss other numbers because you didn’t look at the clock when you woke up the second time. Check your local lottery result for March 11 and I’m curious to see how you would have done. Or maybe you already figured this dream out and is off to the bank :slight_smile:

Well, Weds 11th on our national lottery was 7, 9, 21, 22, 24, 47 & 25 as the bonus ball, and Tuesday 10th was 2, 6, 23, 30, 31, and 2 & 10. Some do match!

But what happened anyway was enough of a win for me, I keep scratching my head and going, “Damn, dude!” lol!!