So I want to increase my skills with programming and hacking and I keep coming across asmoday

So by look at this it seems like he’ll be able to help me

What do you guys think, either that or I’ll ask king paimon

Or this spirit

I’m thinking Vapula out of these spirits but tell me what you guys think

Maybe I’ll just evoke xaturing specifically like old fashioned evocation

Idek guys I’m lost as you can tell could I have help?:joy:


What I can say, is learn your protocols.
As a former sysadmin, it was usually this process: port knocking, malformed packets, log and IDs trips, and a lost connection.
Magazines like hacki9g, 2600, circuit cellar, info security weekly, etc should become normal reading.
Get a VPs account and hack it.


I see well I have been hacking and coding since I was 17 I just want to get even better

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Which is why I’m trying to find a demon that can help me learn faster I know there r some but I wanna use the best

By best I mean one everyone uses

Check out the Koetting Books, like Kingdoms of Flame or Evoking Eternity. Maybe familiars?

Yes but I can’t find much

Or … A hacking servitor plugged into xaturing.

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I’m not counting to 111 in binary

Wait what if I made a servitor for that, although I think I’d need the knowledge for that like the hacking knowledge

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The problem isn’t learning what code do in programing. Rather its understanding what the code does and thats something that can only be learned by your own experience

A better alternative is going to publishers like Apress and see if they have books that are relevant to your launguage.

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No I have everything I want to learn

I just want some help memorizing information and taking it in easier and faster

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I’d say Vapula and Asmodai would be good