“His power is fearful and care should be taken upon his summoning that no dread appears on thine countenance lest weakness be perceived and Haagenti gain power over ye.”

"Haagenti should not be summoned too frequently. "

Has anyone that’s worked with him experienced this as true // can you go into some detail about your experiences with him?

I’ve already read up a lot about him on here and other places but I’ve only found one person that went into some detail about their work with him so I’m looking for more detailed info…


well i just evoked him and he seems friendly, didn’t felt anything negative at all, although you can feel a strong energy when he arrives


He was? That’s good to know.


He’s a profound spirit. His alchemy is intensive. Evoke him while on a substance of some kind, that’s the best experience I’ve had with him.


You mean drugs and / or alcohol ?

Not really sure about that.

What’d you experience when you did that?


Excellent. Clear communication with him and a download of gnosis.


I’m not really a fan of those things but I’ll keep that in mind if I change my mind.


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You don’t have to use drugs. Even water will work well.

Water? That i can totally do


Yes. Just bless the water with him. Evoke him into the water, things like that.

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That sounds a lil more advance that what i normally do tbh but i’ll try


He was a badass.
That’s how it felt when I summoned him.
He was firm but kind. He did Exactly what I asked and taught me a lesson. It was a case of I didn’t fully realize what I needed but he understood right away.


I just used his sigil, a little blood, and visualized what I wanted. We connected right away for never calling him before.
I guess that would depend on you though.


Well I’m hoping to evoke him to be more confident and be less awkward. Hopefully.

Did you smear the blood across the sigil?

I used two. One I put the blood on for the first call then I used a nicer one to charge energy into daily after that.


Ok. Thank you!

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If you have anxiety call Ipos as well. They work well together I’ve found.


I saw that on another post somewhere. I’'ll start doing research on him as well.

That is interesting that you shouldn’t show weakness. I haven’t evoked him yet but I was doing some research because I was considering him for a pact to help me over come my weaknesses, bad habits and help me to form good habits that I have struggled to make.

Can anyone advise if this is a good idea or not?

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Haagenti is skilled at helping you make a change to your personality or to your normal habits and routines, so I’d say that this demon would be an excellent choice for your goal.

I would regard the old descriptions of the demons with some skepticism. Many, such as this one, are designed to frighten away the would-be summoner and to obscure the truth.

If you have what you believe to be a weakness, I would not be afraid to discuss this with the demon. Haagenti will not punish you, and will appreciate that you are being honest.

As far as offerings are concerned, in the past I have simply consumed an apple in the demon’s presence during a minor summoning. I did this some time after performing the initial evocation, after giving the results time to develop and unfold.

Best of luck with achieving your goals. Inner magick can be some of the most effective, in my opinion, both in terms of the speed and the impact of the results (though patience and allowing the demons space to work is still very important).