Gypsy Encounter and given a "talisman". What to do?

Dear BALG,

Today I found a gipsy in the street and she approached me, making some conjuration and doing stuff in order to get my wallet out.

I laughed because I knew her trick, but then she gave me a very accurate reading just by looking at me.

She then gave me an “amulet” or “talisman” (just a piece of paper and some herbs) and told me to put garlic and sugar in it and burn it tomorrow to make my wish come true.

Bullshit? Or true?

How could anyone answer that?

Try it and tell us


Gipsies tend to have, at least in my country, a very bad reputation for beings thieves

Do you mean Gypsy ?.


Gypsy*; yes

I agree with Netherman, test it and see. This is way to vague for a honest answer lol. You won’t really get a solid answer unless you see for yourself. No one can honestly tell you whether it is or isn’t or they’d be lying.


Fixed it :+1:t2:

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Hmmm gypsy magic??? True gypsy seers are exact and acurate but they also curse the ones who don’t have gipsy blood. It’s to be approached very seriously.

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I did a Tarot reading, it seemed that the reading went more by the “do it if you want” type of route, and many of the cards, if not all, where either positive or neutral

I’m doing the Protection Ritual from Damon Brand Protection Book.

I have some gypsy blood; very very ancient though.

I’ll do it and see how it works

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Awesome :fire:

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