Guys. I'm dead

Fallen_angel you fucking beautiful thing you give me a call pm and I’ll give you my number


Eva may get pissed.


I’m so sorry Eva but this is so real u can pm if you wanna call me too

Ban me if you have to I don’t wanna start a riot I just need to know who’s with me on this journey

How sure are you that something like that will happen? Who is your source?

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Bael. Purson. And. Shiva. Google them if it’ll do you some good sheesh :joy::joy:

I know about them (even though I haven’t worked with them yet).

Shiva the destroyer. Bringer of even ground.
Bael the savvy. His lust insatiable.
Pusrson the shifter. Who watches from the shadows.
These are the titles they’ve asked me to give. Shiva is the modicum of these two cousins of mine. Destruction by force, and revival by suggestion. Balance. These three have been with me my whole life its only now that I am realizing their intent with me. For now I’ll work on another video and hope it is spread well on the wings of coming change.

I’m going to bring this nations leaders to their knees and make them pray for forgiveness for the sins they’ve wrought upon the people of the world. Balance must be satiated. Next it will be up to us all to get our struggling people on to our level of self sustainment. From the shadows we shall revive. Lastly it will be imperitive to set up a fluid channel of world wide self supported networks to manage the remaining evils of the world that will likely never leave us until true harmony is reached at which point the world will once again be in balance.

Again. Dont be afraid by what I’ve said. First contact is oftentimes only a signal of impending change. Not imminent change.

Don’t forget to wear clothes.


Lmao, this shit hilarious.

First of all, I’m seriously doubting you’d get such a massive “Judgement” day event, when you can’t even get yourself known.

Secondly, you don’t get to decide who needs saving or who doesn’t, based on your own fallacious beliefs - and then act as if it was done for everyone’s own good.

All you are doing is painting everyone as victims and you as the savior, and then stroking your dick to feel good.

Oh, definitely go. People really need to know about this. You are doing the world a disservice by not letting them know. In fact, if you don’t tell them, you are no better than all the world’s elites that keep everything hidden from all these poor people, that don’t even know they are being controlled!

It’s all up to you kiddo, no one else can make the world know.

Just make sure to follow @Goku’s advice.


It’s true that it seems false. I had to check it out ofc, but I get no difference in energies. So, it doesn’t seem that something like “a living hell” will happen like that.

See that you leave BALG out of it if you do. Not many here want to be associated with your Marxist aspirations.


This is some weird kind of self-preaching bullshit, I thought we had made progress with this in his earlier thread, but it seems not.

Also recent statements about suicide that were highly reckless and then today, this - more glorification of death and utterly Hollywood pacts to attain ultimate powahs. I’ve banned him, otherwise it’s just like waiting for the other shoes to drop of what rules he can break next and then look innocent, this could be an elaborate troll for all I know.

PM me if anyone has questions, I’m locking this to prevent it becoming a dead horse.

Amen to that!