Guys. I'm dead

Its them. I have bael purson and shiva on my side that’s what it was yesterday. The three people that they possessed didn’t even know it was just me. Omfg guys like face to face I tripped. And I made a bargain with death that he’d give me 25 years in which he’d help me acheive victory over my enemies. Got a familiar out of it. Her name is kitty. This is so for real right now like holy fuck what am I about to do guys? I have three high ranking deities in my basket right now where do I go from here? Tomorrow I’m gonna go talk to a local newspaper or something like shit these people have to know what’s happening right now. Who else had a similar experience I need allies now more than ever. The world is about to burn guys like hell fire and brimstone shits about to hit every fan, where are my fellow soldiers?


Purson the friend bael the agressor and shiva the balance I fucking love syncronicity

what exactly are u saying??

I talked to three beings that I brought forth to save the world and they’re about to shit some shit the fuck out. All over humanity. Like prepare yourself theres fire on the horizon



who are the three beings?

Sorry guys. I did it for you :heart::heart::heart: if you’re strong in the ways of the spirit you have nothing to fear. I fucking love you guys I woulda given that black hooded man 5 years if it meant I could help you ease your pains

Shiva bael and purson

So they’re going to kill us or sum shit??

And death as a sidekick :joy::joy:


Gonna save us

why? do we need saving?

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The world needs saving. Yourself included.

And when will it begin?


from what tho

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All of the impieties we hold as normallacy will now fall. Think of every thing you do as a test from here on. Because you will be judged and you do not want a failing grade in this class​:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


i really dont get it, sorry

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I understand, but the plan was to begin later than this.