Gullveigarbok by Vexior


Recently , i came across a book called Gullveigarbok by vexior. This grimoire which is predominantly based on the Thursatru lore encompasses Norse, Satanic and CHOAS magick. Personally i do not own a copy but the artworks and writings have certainly aroused my curiosity. More information on the book is hard to find especially coming from a strict , media censored country like Singapore. Anyone who might have any information regarding the topic of this book is greatly welcomed to share it with me and the rest here.

Thank You.

A friendly Sorcerer

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@allreturnstoash Your problem isn’t media censorship. It’s that such information on obscure grimoires tends to simply not exist online.

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I see. Do you know what this grimoire’s history is etc , would love to find out more .

Great, much appreciated

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It’s anti-Cosmic Satanism slapped over a Norse perspective. Personally, I’m not into it but Ljossal Lodurrson, a magician and up and coming author, is into it and his work on Norse necromancy is without a match.