Guides/patrons: Morpheus?

So my good buddy who introduced me to this site also introduced me to the idea of patrons and spirit guides! I’m considering making offerings to a deity for spiritual guidance but I’m having trouble picking. I feel particularly interested in Morpheus, the Greek God of dreams. But I’m also interested in death and I’ve considered reaching out to Thanatos as well. Is there any advice folks could maybe throw my way so I don’t royally fuck up in some way? I’ve done a little research into the gods themselves but I still feel that I don’t fully understand everything. Like how to make an offering, how to contact the deities, how to know if the deity I reach out to is the right one for me… all that fun shit.

Does anyone have any tips for me?

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give your time, attention, some artwork made by you, fruits and candies if you want and thats enough for the spirit know that you are honoring him

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Belial guided me to the LHP, along with Astaroth. They came to me. I had never even heard of them at that point. I still have not worked with either of them, but chose first, because I like to get straight to the point, Lucifer. I called upon Lucifer first and foremost, and now he guides me through everything. So, Belial and Astaroth told me where to start, I suppose, and Lucifer lights the way. Hope this can help you. You will learn as you go.

Maybe choose a spirit who interests you, and go from there. Everything changes, all the time.

Ok, at the risk of shamelessly branding myself as a noob, how does one MAKE said offering??

Through simple intention. If offering food or drink, you can give a little prayer and let the spirit know that it is for them alone. You then leave it in a sacred space or on an altar for at least 24 hours so the spirit can imbibe its essence at its leisure. Afterwards, you can dispose of it through the elements, usually by burial or, in the case of liquid, pouring it upon the Earth.

If you are creating art as an offering the same thing applies. While you are making the art, hold the intention in your mind that it is for a specific spirit. When it is completed you can then make a formal offering of it to said spirit, but usually the intention during creation is enough. Then you can place the art in a place of honour in your sacred space.