Guidence in dealing with mind control plz

Hello I’m David and I’m a victim or mind control I was completely destroyed spiritually and physically because of it. I’m hopeing to find someone that has experience with over coming the government mind control.

I’m starting to rebuild my life focusing more on spiritualy right now. I still have foggy areas about my past what was real or not but I’m doing alot better now being able to discern the difference between visions and fake images.

I typically can’t heAr anything out of the normal but have Hurd people in the past there voices were alot different then the AI voices and I believe I’ll be able to tell the difference when I hear, there has been times where it was alot more life like then normal like when they used a cops oice to mess with me, should have seen the cops face when I told him that what ever was messing with me had an exact copy of his voice he was livid but not at me. I’m looking for pointers that you have about how to better interact spiritualy without the AI interfering.

The “AI” has recently been preventing me from exploring my visions it seems like that when I get a false image sent to me to disrupts the vision, example I’ll be in a field of beautiful different olor flowers with my spirit wife “when lucky” then it’ll all go black and a crudely drawn image in one color if forced into my 3rd eye, Any advice how overcome this old be much appreciated.

Any advice on ways to make the AI stop would be much appreciated the last time I Hurd a human in my mind they told my a verbal command that made the constant 24/7 attacks to start to end now I’m only slightly harrassed. I also would like pointers on anyways to try to stop it from happening. I’m also own to just listen to stories about what they have done to you so support wise aswelk as being prepaired if they try the same thing on me.

I’m contemplating contacting Doodall for his assistantance because what I read of him he has a counsel he discusses with about how to help you be free of negative factors in your life. Do you have any recommendations on who to contact or Information on how to go about contacting Doodall I just recently read about him on here and the page didn’t have instructions on summoning him. The page listed that certain herbs make communication easier but didn’t list what ones nor did the poster reply yet if you know plz share if not I’ll just research on my own.

Having someone who has experience in dealing with these mattered would help me alot and I’m sure my stories if your Interested would humor you as well as confuse you at times trying to understand what was really happening. I also would love to hear what you idea about exactly is going on why they are actually doing it I’ve read alot of different articles some blaming the reptilians and saying how there just harvesting the negative emotions from you and channeling it to places like stonehedge or a reason that was not given. I can’t offer much besides my gratitude and prayers for helping me.

And to anyone thats familiar with me yes I’m actually trying to do paragraphs. I’ve been procrastinating alot lately if I had someone helping me it would give me since of obligation to actually do and not just plan on doing. Thanx for reading and any incite you may have. Anyone who can offer help plz do even if your not familiar with electronic harrasment and the ways that mind control is used on the population.