GUIDE: Getting money irl (while you wait for your ritual results to kick in)

I made this post on another thread, but thought I’d create it as a guide for people who desperately/quickly need to make some money irl while they wait for their money/wealth/job rituals to kick in.

This post only includes sites I have used and can personally vouch for (while I know there are others out there, like fiverr(?), upwork, and so on).

If you have any other sites that you use for side-hustles and know that they are safe, legitimate, timely, and not a scam or pyramid scheme, please feel free to post them here:

  • with no affiliate links, e.g. “get 10 people to sign up with this personalised link and we’ll give each of you $X for free!”
  • should not include “pay-to-play” sites; for example, online poker or online lotteries might be a way to earn money online, but also require money upfront, and there is no guarantee of earning a profit – also, no pyramid schemes
  • If possible provide proof of income with any personal details obscured

Important notes:

  1. I am not sure if there are age or geolocation (country) restrictions on signing up for the sites below.
  2. I am from an English-speaking country and these are all English-based/anglosphere sites.
  3. You will likely need to have your own bank account, potentially also linked to a PayPal account, to receive money earned.


Freelance Jobs | Work from Home Transcription & Caption Jobs - Rev

  • Active income (do work for money).
  • Jobs depend on availability/demand. In other words, you could earn $5 one day and $50 the next depending on what jobs are available.
  • Earn money by captioning videos or transcribing audio to written text, in English
  • Requires fluent or native-level English proficiency; you are required to pass a written English MCQ and submit a sample caption or transcription to join.
  • They may also offer translation services if you know multiple languages but I am not sure of this, check their homepage.
  • Pays weekly in USD to a nominated bank account.
  • Reliability: 6.5/10. You can “rank up” by completing work and being graded highly by the QA team, which makes more work available to you as your credibility increases. However there are a lot of people competing for work, especially during North American peak hours, but the pay is middling (depending on the client) and you would have to be lucky, work your ass off, AND borderline give yourself RSI to break about ~$250 USD a week.

Proof of past earnings:


Prolific | Online participant recruitment for surveys and market research

  • Active income (do work for money).
  • Jobs depend on availability/demand. In other words, you could earn $5 one day and $50 the next based on what surveys are available.
  • Participate in anonymised online research studies; site requires you to fill out demographic information beforehand.
  • Cash out on demand in GBP to a PayPal-linked bank account, once you’ve hit the threshold for payment (I believe it’s 10 GBP, might be 20 GBP)
  • Studies range in payment/duration from like 0.10 GBP for a two-minute study, to 7 GBP+ for an hour-long study.
  • Reliability: 4.5/10. You might go for a week and see less than two studies available; other days you might have enough studies to keep you busy for several hours. In the year or two since I’ve started though, I’ve gone from week-long dry spells to generally seeing at least one or two studies a day.

Proof of past earnings:


  • Passive income
  • Upload your own digital art designs and choose which media to print to (e.g. mugs, cushions, blankets, stickers, phone cases, t-shirts, notebooks. water flasks, and so on)
  • Set your own prices for products
  • Redbubble takes a percentage of your profit to manufacture and deliver the product to the customer
  • I believe you are paid (in your local currency) to a nominated bank account once you reach $20 worth of sales in local currency (someone correct me if I’m wrong)
  • Reliability: 2/10 for me, but purely based on the amount of income it generates. It depends on you. If you can capitalise on current pop culture, continue to churn out new designs, and aggressively market your content then you could probably earn much more. For me, Redbubble is just a “set and forget” thing where I upload something every so often and occasionally get $15 from someone buying a hoodie, but mostly it’s just selling <$0.50 stickers every so often.

Proof of income:


Etsy - Shop for handmade, vintage, custom, and unique gifts for everyone

  • Sell digital or physical items
  • Passive (set and forget, if selling pre-made digital products such as crochet patterns) OR active (actively making products or producing services, like Tarot readings) income
  • Set your own prices for products
  • You are responsible for shipping physical items or for ensuring digital items are delivered
  • I believe you are paid (in local currency) to a nominated bank account every month if you hit a $20 sales threshold but I don’t use etsy much so someone correct me if I am wrong
  • Reliability: Again, 2/10 for me, but purely based on the amount of income it generates as I use it for passive income and don’t aggressively market or promote or anything.

Proof of income:

Again, if you have any other sites that you use for side-hustles and know that they are safe, legitimate, timely, and not a scam or pyramid scheme, please feel free to post them here

  • no affiliate links,
  • no “pay-to-play” sites (e.g. online poker, lotteries)
  • no pyramid schemes
  • If possible provide proof of income *with any personal details obscured*

Final edit: Please ensure you are adhering to your country of residence’s tax laws when you make money and/or report on income made via these websites.

@Lady_Eva tagging you again to make sure this is all kosher and above board to post :blush:


Yep, same as before - informational post and not affiliate links, also genuinely useful for the problems people bring to this forum, so a-okay. :+1:


For freelancing, upwork is a good place. And if you have lot of experience, you can join Toptal. The pay is higher but its hard to get selected because as it says it hires top 3% of talents.

I am also learning dropshipping. Dropshipping is a retail fulfillment method where a store doesn’t keep the products it sells in stock. Instead, when a store sells a product using the dropshipping model, it purchases the item from a third party and has it shipped directly to the customer. As a result, the seller doesn’t have to handle the product directly.
Cheap products from alibaba or aliexpress and then sell for a profit on your webstore or fb marketplace. It requires a bit money as running ads will generate lot of revenue.

If someone is knowledgeable or has skills, share tips on YouTube and then create a 997 dollar course or something. Most affiliate marketers do this.
Just started to learn all this stuff. Correct me if I am wrong.


chat operator.

  • work from home
  • company pays you either every week or month depending on the company
  • what you need is a computer and wifi
  • it’s literally only about chatting with customers (however most is sexual but a lot is also just day to day talk)
  • pay per message sent
  • it is low pay for a lot of work unless you typ fast af but it’s better than getting no money at all
  • they hire you as a freelancer meaning you pay your own taxes and not the company

I have been working as a chatting operator for almost a year now. I dont make enough to move out from my dad but it pays the very small bills I have for now.


Interesting, is there a website or company you use specifically for this? I don’t mind selling stuff but the actual shipping and delivery is cumbersome

What are the companies you have experiences with if you don’t mind sharing?

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You can start with WordPress or Shopify. Shopify is better if you want things done for you. Sadly I haven’t started this. I wanted to start this business but I need some capital. You don’t need to fulfill your orders. But finding good agent on aliexpress or alibaba is difficult. I am still learning, reading books if you want I can share the links to download these books.
I need some capital to start this. Here is Reddit subbreddit, you can follow. Drop shipping success stories of different people on Reddit

These are success stories, you can get motivated. If you need book recommendations tell me I will share the download links of books. I feel i am repeating stuff now and then. Sorry for that.

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Well from the companies that work with my country it’s Cloudworkers. from what I’ve read is that you are not allowed to work for multiply companies so I only have experience with one


Doordash/any delivery service.
You make around minimum wage or better depending on your city and state.

All you need is a car and a smartphone.