Guardian guides

A guide is an external, unborn spirit that accompanies you in dreams and helps you solve problems, which can become an integral attribute of your shelter.
The conductor usually acts as a living being, in the form of a person, less often an animal or an entity. Usually, he comes on his own — just one day a guide is found in the shelter. Sometimes there are some techniques for calling a guide, but I think that it appears when a person needs it badly.
The dialogue with the guide takes place in the same way as with an ordinary person, but in a dream. Or in meditation, the main thing is that your spirit is in another Sphere, in your shelter (usually there is a guide there).
There are several versions regarding the essence of the conductors. The first version is that the conductor is one of your subpersonalities, it is not close to me. The second version is that the guide is some kind of spirit that for some reason decided to help you and came into your dream. It is doubtful, if only because it is unclear why and who walks through the Realm of Dreams, looking for your shelter and even helping you.
The more likely version is that the conductor is sent by the egregor. In the case of a pagan egregore (for example, Asatru) It’s not necessarily a god, maybe it’s a Van, maybe an elf. But he was sent from egregore as an assistant to you. In Christianity, there are also guides, these are guardian angels.
The guide often helps you in various magical and non-magical activities, he can also arrange trials for you, in short, he acts as your mentor. Communicating with a guide is not, of course, a prediction, but it is also a way to get information, and often a very good one.
Direct appeal to the egregor
Those who are connected to the egregore may experience another means of obtaining information – direct appeal.
This consists in the fact that you conduct a ritual, in the process of this ritual you immerse yourself in the Sphere of your egregore and ask the gods directly for the answer to the question. This method of obtaining information is the most energy-consuming of all, so it is advisable to use it when other methods have not given a digestible answer.
Guardians of souls - who are they?
Guardian spirits are a very ancient race of beings. They are born at the same time, the guardians of which they subsequently become, forming a single organism in which energy and information are constantly exchanged. Initially, they feel like a clot of some substance: light, sound, power. Inside themselves, they hear a voice that names them the Guardian. The guardian Spirit chooses his own external image and name. Some keepers are millions of years old, although this does not affect their appearance at all. The guardian spirit can, at will, take the appearance of both a human and an animal, as a rule, one or more individuals of an animal are necessarily present next to the spirit, the image of which the guardian can take. Human images are diverse: children, boys or girls, men or women, sometimes elderly people. Each guardian has only one human form, in which he appears to people.
The characters of the guardians are most often with a twist. They like to fool around, they can help, they can give a charm, advice, some abilities, but they can also punish, drive to madness and ruin.
A personal spirit that protects this person. According to the beliefs of some, it was given to him from birth, according to the beliefs of others, it is acquired through a vision or a meeting with a ghost. Guardian spirits play an important role in both animism and spiritualism. They also figure in the Christian idea of a guardian angel.
The main purpose of guardian spirits, as their name implies, is to guard the interests of their owners, protect them from anxiety and do everything possible to help them live in peace. Misfortune can be explained by the fact that the guardian spirit turned away, and luck - by the skillful performance of the spirit of its duties. Messages from guardian spirits sometimes come in the form of foresight or clairvoyance.
In the world of the Astral, according to the stories of people who got there as a result of astral exit, there are special beings who differ from all others. The teacher beings are called astral Guardians, for their special protection to those who intentionally or accidentally entered the astral world. These creatures come from the upper layers of the astral plane, that is, these creatures are more perfect than humans and very wise. Keepers help people and teach them new knowledge necessary in life on the earthly plane and more subtle sub-planes.
Astral Guardians can take on a wide variety of forms, ranging from strange geometric shapes to the shapes of animals, humans and supernatural creatures. They always treat a person kindly and help him in difficult situations, protecting him from hostile entities and helping to navigate in a new space.
To find your Astral Guardian, you need to mentally call him for help. In the astral, imagination plays a huge role, the flow of your thoughts literally permeates space and is captured by those to whom these thoughts are addressed. Good, kind and lofty thoughts, backed up by your kind emotions, will definitely attract good entities to you, while evil and insidious entities from the lower layers of the astral will avoid meeting you. If you think about the bad, it will definitely happen. That’s the law of the universe.
When your Astral Guardian finds you, he will appear before your eyes. Usually, many Keepers often take the form of animals, this is due to the fact that pagan priests and tribal shamans have been turning to them for centuries, seeking support and help. Therefore, you should not be surprised if your personal Guardian appears in the form of a dog or a bear. The Guardians can also act in two more ways – if they believe that you do not need help or it is too early to know the secrets of the subtle plane, you will simply be ignored or can be forcibly kicked out of the astral plane. In this case, you will simply return to your body (naturally, against your will) and wake up, and access to the astral may subsequently be very difficult.
But if the Guardian has decided to help a person, then your astral journey will become much safer, more interesting and more informative. The Guardian will teach you many things that you did not even know about, and will reveal to you your purpose on Earth and the subtle plane. The Astral Guardian will become your Teacher, and this is a completely new level of development of your consciousness.
They should not be afraid of them, however, as they are generally afraid. They will not change their minds and will become what you imagine them to be. It is better to prepare a strong defender and teacher. than the personification of their fears.
Those who embark on the path of magic soon realize that they are confronted by an invisible world, quite real! By developing sensitivity, you can touch creatures, pat them on the back, spread your wings, or vice versa, be overwhelmed by their presence. It all depends on who you called. I do not advise beginners to summon the guardians themselves, I will explain why. Magic, according to all physical laws, has levels or frequencies. There is a concept of “black” and “white” magic, but it is peculiar. This is not bad and good magic, it is high-frequency and low-frequency magic. Using low frequencies does not mean causing harm. Such energy can be used both in healing and in creating lines of a situation, that is, creating a program consisting of sequential actions to achieve the desired. Elemental magic also consists, among other things, of a range of low-frequency energy. Working at low frequencies can make a person temporarily rigid, which gives rise to legends about evil, black magicians. For example, there are low-frequency magicians, most often working with the cemetery, with astral spirits from the lower astral (larvae, succubi, incubi, demons, etc. entities) with similar vibrations. They can quite see them, control the creatures, negotiate with them. An example with a musical instrument is quite appropriate here: guitar string bass is a low frequency, how do you feel the bass? Vibration is most often felt by the body and even the stomach feels the movements. The thinner the string, the higher the vibrations. They are felt by the chakras above, coming in unison with the vibrations of the body. Magicians working with high frequencies, with angels, souls living in the higher astral stretch themselves like a string and enter in unison with the information they need. The higher the vibration, the cleaner the information flow.

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