Guardian demons

Quick question: who has them and why? And what is exactly their purpose? Are there like bonuses to work with them?

I have a guardian Demon. I don’t like the word Demon for him though so I just use Guardian.
I summoned Lucifer years ago and must have been granted him as he has been here since and I accepted him. I have seen him once,very beautiful to look at ,probably knows what I would like.
The positives are protection and warnings. I feel the energy around me at random times too.
I like him and he can stay


And is it possible to explain why I have 3? Felt their presence since i was a child, from like 10 years. Its like they are trying to protect me from death and other unfortunes.


Lucky you, you are born this way. They can be present from birth, attach from occult things, houses, anything.


Have you seen them? what do they look like?

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Only today, when i found out that they are my guardians i realized that i did see and hear them. Irl they were like shadows, tall and extremely quick. In my dreams…i heard and saw them, tho i cannot tell which are which. But now all the events in my life have been explained. Whats surprising is that their zodiac signs are friendly to mine, their personality traits were always in me without realising it. Now that I know who exactly are they, I think I’ll be able to finally talk to them and eventualy see them.

I would consider Marbas my guardian demon. I’ve fucked up in very stupid ways and he doesn’t seem annoyed, says he is going to protect me and gives good advice… Although I always need someone to contact him for me in order to receive correct information