Guardian Demon

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I’ve been asking myself for a week now who my guardian demon is. The idea was told to me by a friend, he’s got his knowledge from the Luciferian Goetia by Michael Ford, where dates of demons have been listed. He told me that if the date of my birth matches with the date of a demon,then that’s my guardian, but I honestly don’t believe that, its like those angel sites telling you if you’re born on July then Michael is your guardian,it’s BS.

So I come to this forum for answers. How can I contact my guardian and how do I know who my guardian is?


Not everyone has one so no one can really tell you. Guardian angels and guardian demons aren’t the only forms of guardians and not everyone has either.


Really I thought everyone have a guardian angel, or a guardian demon they day they are born?

Nope, some have neither some have something widely different, some simply have their ancestors.

Well I believe everyone has a guardian angel and ancestral spirits. But I do believe not everyone has a Guardian demon, especially non-practitioners.

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I did not have one until I was baptized, but later I sent her away. I have neither a guardian angel, nor guardian demon. My guardians are Fae entities.

why not?

Well I was referring to religious people or atheists. Since they despise demons and the latter doesn’t believe in their existence. But since I’m with demons the most, I’m guessing I have a guardian. I just don’t know who or how to find out.

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Really? have you tried finding a medium or someone who do tarot reading?

divine if you have one, meditate and call out to whatever guardian you have. Who and what you work with doesn’t necessarily determine if you have a guardian from that specific race or at all but it’s still always worth looking into.


The only surefire way that I know of would be to pick a demon that interests you, get into contact with them and ask. If they say no, move on to the next one.


Well I did tarot readings. Got the King of wands, after a week I did another reading and got Ace of swords. Doesn’t match any spirit I’ve looked up.

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Well I asked Azazel if he’s my guardian but haven’t gotten a response yet.

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Good idea. I did that Paimon paimon tell me my guardian thing someone posted on this forum and the name Azazel popped up, I contacted him but haven’t gotten a response, which led me to believe he’s not.

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